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Update posted by Xo0Emmy0oX On Jun 01, 2015

I tried to get a loan from the bank to have all my debts in one, but that was rejected. I then contacted a company to ask for their help to pay off my debts so I can only pay them back, but they couldn't help me either.

I don't know what else to do, please help me.

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Update posted by Xo0Emmy0oX On May 04, 2015

My appeal for funding from Student Finance has been rejected. I had to take out a loan to keep my place, which has put me further into debt. I asked Littlewoods for more time to pay them back, they also rejected my request. Please help me. Please.


Only 28 days to go. Please help me.


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Update posted by Xo0Emmy0oX On Mar 21, 2015

I have just been informed I will not receive funding for my course, which I cannot pay for so I will probably end up losing my place. Please help me!

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