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Update posted by lizBA5H On Jun 10, 2014

30/5/14 team Wales vs Tiger Bay

On 31st of May team wales played Tiger bay brawlers. This game was very challenging, as Tiger Bay is a team a lot of us not only look up to but they have some bloody good players. Team Wales lost but we all Learnt so much in the way of new tactics and moves.  


8/6/14 Team Wales vs Bristol

On Sunday team Wales took a trip to Bristol to train and play against them. We all enjoyed ourselves very much despite the sweltering heat. I even jammed! Team Wales won this one and had loads of fun playing against the lovely Bristol ladies.



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Update posted by lizBA5H On May 15, 2014

On the 3/5/14 I headed down to Birmingham to play my first ever scrim as a team Wales skater. This was a game to mark in history for roller derby in Wales. Our first ever game against a brilliant and well established team. The scrim took place in the Futsal center which was amazing cause so many times I've watched awesome skaters bout there at events such as the men's world cup, men's European champs etc. Wales played bloody brilliantly! For a bunch of skaters who for most had never skated together before we jelled so well and really were a team. For those who dont know team Wales won!  230-204! Thanks Blitz Dames for a great game! 


Our next closed game is, Team Wales vs Tiger Bay Brawlers. I am already very excited to skate and know it will be a great game :)

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Update posted by lizBA5H On Apr 17, 2014

Thanks to all who have donated so far, with your help the £300 mark has been reached. Still a fair way to go but I am confident we will get there! I am also looking forward to my first Team Wales scrim in a couple of weeks! :) x

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