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Update posted by Kathi Williams On Nov 26, 2012

We're in the last days for our "campaign" for funding and it is clear that this battle will continue although the future is uncertain. We have made great strides -- breaking $1000 in a few short weeks and through countless messages and prayers and support shown by friends. All of it is appreciated. 


Josh saw the girls on Friday after Thanksgiving for what was his final visit scheduled through the attorneys. It was a great visit, filled with board games, hugs, kisses, and laughter. No dates for future visitation have been approved by the girls' mother and it is unknown whether any will be without the intervention of the court or counsel's involvement.



Josh's attorney will file her motion to withdraw from the case if the balance of fees due is not paid by December 1, and at this point, without meeting the goal set here, it is unlikely that will occur. As such, the hearing in Josh's case will be delayed indefinitely and he will have to seek other counsel. The battle to enforce his parental rights will continue despite the delay, and his desire to raise awareness of this issue and the weakness of the courts in dealing with these situations remains strong. 


Thank you to everyone who has shown their support. Please continue to spread the word and keep Josh and all others who face this struggle in your prayers. Here's hoping that it is a truly Merry Christmas for everyone. 


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