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Update posted by Timothy Bardlavens On Aug 02, 2012

Day 3 and I'm at $30!! I'm just going to keep taking each day at a time and thank God for evey $1 I recieve because that 100 pennies more than I had yesterday! Even if I didn't reach my goal any money from this will go into my savings account to go towards whatever I can generate for my computer! #NotGivingUp!

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Update posted by Timothy Bardlavens On Jul 31, 2012

AsI try to take one day at a time -- I'm hoping that my friends and fam, even strangers, will be willing to give whatever is in their heart to give. I am working hard to go farther in my career and the only thing that is hendering me is the lack of funds to get the equiptment I need to research and learn and produce... Any help is great help!



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