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The first step on the road to independence
Update posted by Ilse Aucamp On Sep 30

I am delighted to share with you that my friend found a job! She starts tomorrow, on a three month probation period. We are all very excited. The children are doing well, our "son" settled in his new school, and wonderful opportunities are happening for our "daughter" . We are beyond grateful! The family plans to move to their own place sometime next year, once there are certainty about the job prospects. So if you have anything extra, please think of us before getting rid of it! We will need to furnish their place and get EVERYTHING. They would also need to buy a little car - at the moment we are all sharing mine. Luckily my friend is a creative genius that can repurpose anything and make it look much better than new. I am extending our campaign to next year, when we will blow new life in it to make more dreams come true. Our journey has not been easy - lots of fights and learning about yourself, but also lots of love and sharing. We cannot change the past, but we can definitely change the future, and we will keep on moving towards the sun!

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