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We're still going strong
Update posted by Ilse Aucamp On Jun 14

Thank you so much for everyone that supported us so far. We found a wonderful school which is a perfect fit for our "son". He has been going there for two weeks now, and is loving every moment. He even sit and do school work during load shedding with a headlamp on! I've never seen a young man so eager to do school work - he is in bed early each night and up and ready for school each morning. There is a lot of catching up to do, but he is really taking ownership and putting in the hours. He has made some friends and is a changed person, in such a very short time already. The people of Saintsburg are true angels and has come through for us on so many levels - the name is a true reflection of the staff members. We took a leap of faith and will see how the future unfolds, but we realise that there is a bigger plan and we must just keep on going. Our "daughter" has started her GED studies, and is getting more focussed every day. For the first time in a very, very long time her pain is clearing and she is like a sunflower turning her head to the sun. As with any healing, and in any family there are days where we all get rather snappy with each other. We are all working through some serious stuff... But I am happy to report after each speedbump we all get on better. Families fight, after all, and we can fight with each other, but boy, we also know how to stick together. My friend is facing her demons every day, and continues to work on our dream of a business and applying for any job that crosses her path. I believe at the right time all will work out. Please continue to share our story and to support us in any way you can. We still have a bit to go, but I do believe we will get there!

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