Updates on Hiking Lantau Island – Hong Kong’s Green Jewel

End of Day 3!
Update posted by Izzy Snow On Jun 27

Hi everyone! We are now 3 days and 71.6 km into our Lantau circumnavigation! We are so delighted to have exceeded our fundraising target and thank you all for your kindness. If you've been meaning to donate but haven't yet, please still do so! Every little helps and a little goes a long way for a small organisation like Ark Eden. The more we can raise, the more community events they will be able to run and the greater outreach and education they will be able to achieve.

Moving on to our hike, we have braved amber rainstorms and squelchy shoes, sore shoulders and blisters...but nonetheless are really enjoying it! Covering so much ground in such a short space of time has brought home the sheer diversity of habitats, plants and animals that this single island supports. The beautiful trails and landscapes make us feel so lucky to be here and keen to preserve them for future generations. For more updates and photos, please follow @izzy___snow on Instagram :)

Thank for from the bottom of our hearts for caring and for supporting Ark Eden and conservation on Lantau <3

Izzy and Ren

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