Updates on Petrinja, Sisak, Strasnik – Earthquake fund relief!

Campaign update!
Update posted by Goran Kovacevic On Jan 08

We are approaching the end of the campaign. As I announced earlier, I now want to confirm that I will carry out the final steps in cooperation with the DUH Charity Association. It is an association from Zagreb, founded in 2003. They help disabled and disadvantaged children.

Their significant experience with similar initiatives over the years will help bring this campaign to a successful end.

I will close the campaign in 5 days, on January 13th, and this update is already visible on the platform. After that, we will take the final steps towards fulfilling the goal of helping families who lost their homes after the earthquake in this region.

The plan is to directly help out around 15 families. So far, I wrote stories about 7 of them. and will cover others in my next updates. So far they are:
- Pavelic family from Gora village - (young family with a 2-year old daughter that needs a liver transplant)
- Kusuran family from Hrastelnica village - (6-member family with 4 children)
- Balen family from Petrinja - 20 and 16-year old sisters who lost their mother, with a history of mental disorders and tumors
- Batinic family from Strasnik - 4-member family (2 children)
- Salamun family from Strasnik - 5-member family (2 children)
- Staresinovic family from Strasnik - 4-member family (1 teenager)
- Pejakovic family from Strasnik - 3-member family (mother, brother and sister who unfortunately has a cerebral palsy)

Until the campaign is officially finished, I invite you to continue donating and sharing the campaign to raise as much funds as possible in the photo finish and help as many families as possible!

Thank you!

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