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Another family we're helping out
Update posted by Goran Kovacevic On Jan 03

I have found another family we are going to help get back to their home. They are a married couple with 4 children from Hrastelnica village (near Sisak).

They are extremely modest people whose last thought was to ask for help for themselves. Luckily, they have dear people around them who have pointed out their situation to me.

They are currently being housed with relatives because part of the roof on the house has collapsed. Thanks to the quick reaction of the team from their neighbours and locals, an assessment of the damage and costs of materials, as well as the reconstruction plans, has already been done.

We will cover these costs from the campaign.

I am currently in contact with over 10 families and assessing their situations. I have more than 100 appliations, and unfortunately it will not be possible to help everyone from my campaign.
I will give my best to cover as many as possible.

Thank you very much for your continued donations and support!


Sretno dalje majstore! ;) We were there yesterday and this direct help to families is the best way because I’ve seen everything there, on site. And we were in Petrinja, Glina, Gora, Marinbrod, Novo Selo Glinsko, Prekopa, Gornji Viduševac and Šatornja. Support Goran, because he has my full support and trust! Thank you!

Zvonimir Tomic

Update posted by Jan 04


Hi Robin, all the pictures from the families we’re helping out (their houses) are on my Facebook posts.

Goran Kovacevic

Update posted by Jan 03


Great to hear...would be great to see some pictures in future :-). Greetings from Germany again, Robin

Robin Haas

Update posted by Jan 03

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