May 24, 2021 at 12:23 pm

Lucky Few Wowed by Panquake Preview

Update posted by Panquake Community

Dear Panquake Community,

Can you smell the butter and maple syrup?

With development of Panquake running ahead of schedule, the team has been sharing the look and feel of Panquake's front end screens as well as its back end progress with selected media, experts and advocates. This is part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and collaboration – Panquake is designed to reflect the needs of the users who comprise our Panquake community so it’s part of our ethos to encourage involvement during every step of development.

What are these previewers saying?

“Amazing”, “absolutely incredible”, “this is going to cause a social media revolution” and from comedian Graham Elwood: “this is going to spread like wildfire!”

So what’s the fuss all about? The functionality (light years ahead of existing channels), the ease of use and the way Panquake respects users, neither collecting nor marketing their data and keeping the platform advertising free.

See details for yourself -

This coming Saturday the Panquake team will post their 4th monthly Public Delivery Meeting, transparently sharing project statistics and production metrics, discussing all the month’s progresses and announcing plans and deliverables for the coming month.

The event will be published to the Panquake Vimeo channel at 9pm Eastern, Saturday May 29th.

Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson said: “Thanks to the support of our Community, our development team is rip-roaring ahead and the progress of Panquake has accelerated so significantly that our supporters can practically smell the butter and maple syrup! As our Lead Developer recently stated in an open letter, we are making good on every promise to our users and doing so ‘without cutting any corners’. This groundbreaking project is everything we hoped, and more.”

Want to use PANQUAKE soon?

Help us move this project on. Donate and join our Panquake Community. We are now at 74% complete on this funding round and your help to achieve our target is vitally important to allow us to move to the next phase!

And remember to share this post, give your family and friends the chance to make a change for the greater good. Take back ownership of your personal communications!

See you this coming Saturday!

- The Panquake Team

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