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Update posted by Panquake Community On Jan 13, 2022

Dear Panquake Community,

It's been a wonderful start to the New Year for our hardworking team. Our very own Sean O'Brien wrote a searing hot technical report for Talk Liberation Investigates that has been ricocheting around the internet. The article exposes pervasive and shocking data mining practices of new social media application GETTR.

With Talk Liberation's research being cited and linked to by a growing list of mainstream press outlets including The New Yorker, Vice, Gizmodo, The Daily Dot and more, unprecedented amounts of traffic are filtering through to Talk Liberation and Very exciting for our Community!

Twitter Unexpectedly Unbans Panquake Accounts

More great news - on the same day this was all happening, Twitter unbanned the full suite of Panquake accounts, and finally moved our followers and historical content to @panquake (replacing the old @pan_quake). This is a welcome resolution to the unjust banning of our accounts that removed our Twitter presence through the crucial Christmas & New Year period.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many hundreds of Twitter users who tweeted @TwitterSupport advocating for the wrongful suspensions of our accounts to be lifted.

Yet again you have proved that your collective voices are powerful!

Phase Three Fundraising - The Faster We Hit The Target The Faster We Deliver

With last month's huge delivery announcement regarding Panquake having hit another development milestone, it's time now to fundraise, fundraise, fundraise so that we can begin to put in place the systems that will support users through the delivery period. That means, customer service, accounts administrators, technical support staff and content moderators just to name a few.

As you know, we don't have corporate PR or advertising - this is a grassroots, word-of-mouth campaign and so far you have all helped to make it a huge success. This is now the final leg - once we hit 100% on this Phase 3 target there will be no more public fundraising required and we will deliver the Panquake BETA! Please DONATE HERE to help it happen sooner. Let's pull together for this one last big effort - the faster we complete this funding round, the faster we all get Panquake.

Thank you so much for your care and attention

With love,

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Dec 26, 2021

Dear Panquake Community;

In another exciting update, Panquake brought the Holiday season goodies in the December public delivery meeting yesterday, updating our community on several major advancements related to the project.

Check out the full video at this link or read this Twitter thread for more info!

Panquake Development Further Advanced Than Previously Known

The first big takeaway from the delivery is the announcement that Panquake now has a working, functional interface that adheres to the design promises previously made throughout the campaign - slick, intuitive, single-view dashboard with drag and drop panels dynamically updating content. In short, it's the next generation technology you've been promised all along and it's much closer to completion than previously realized.

The first idea of Panquake was floated in January and coding began in June. This means in substantially less than a year, the beginnings of the working product has been brought into being and development is progressing at a lightning pace.

Panquake Launches WLDragnet App is now up and running - with Twitter users able to enter their handles and in two simple clicks find out whether they have been targeted in the WLDragnet files, and download a custom report comprised of the data related to their social media accounts.

A neat FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the site explains the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of the WLDragnet application.

Some examples of well known figures heavily targeted in the WLDragnet files, as revealed by the app release include NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks, the Julian Assange support movement Unity4J, investigative journalists Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, Benjamin Norton, Anya Parampil and many more.

Max Blumenthal commented on the release:

Panquake Kicks Off Phase 3 Funding - 2022 Set To Be The Big Year For The BETA!

Polishing off the Phase 2 funding target of $167k shortly before the holidays, Panquake is now making inroads into the final funding round target of +$500k required to hire the full team that will be needed to support the release of its products and services in 2022.

Your continued support is vital both in terms of donations but equally importantly, in spreading the word about Panquake and advocating for us.

This is a life-changing, industry-changing product that the world desperately needs and thanks to you, it is well on its way!

Keep spreading our donation link at every possible opportunity to bring this privacy respecting next generation social media solution to the world as soon as possible!

A sincere thank you for everything you did to make this project happen in 2021. 2022 is going to be huge!

Thinking of you all, and so grateful for your support.

With love,

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Dec 21, 2021

Dear Panquake Community:

You. Did. It.

Because of your love, support and assistance, we all are now a major step closer to enjoying the fabulous and freeing social media future Panquake is bringing!


Hard to believe it was only this time last year that Panquake founder Suzie Dawson was online, pitching to Sean O’Brien of Yale Privacy Lab an idea for a short messaging service that would respect user privacy.

Along with many other wonderful people, Sean saw how critically important backing this project would be, and jumped on board.

Only a month later came the announcement that Panquake was on the way with the promise it would “transparently deliver powerful next generation amplification tools to transform your social reach and engagement”.

Public enthusiasm for Panquake (and maybe their disillusionment with the sorely lacking status quo options) saw the Stage 1 and 2 funding campaign targets blitzed in record time. And so…on to the third and FINAL phase!

Panquake Isn't Just A Great Product - It Will Be A Great SERVICE!

We value our users and want to provide them with everything they aren't getting from corporate AI-powered platforms. That means giving them real people to deal with! The 500k we will raise in Phase 3 will fund:

  • Customer Service Representatives to engage in real-time chat with users, solving problems in a human way
  • Content moderators making transparent decisions logged on our blockchain - no AI moderation algorithms!
  • Accounts Administrators to resolve any billing issues etc
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • ...and more!

Panquake = Innovation

Talk Liberation has achieved proof of concept for its core technological innovations: an encrypted user data store kept on user devices so that they can store and control their own data, and the P2P (peer to peer) network that allows users to connect to each other to parse messages through the network. Panquake is now looking to its future users to help build the infrastructure that a sophisticated and secure social media platform like Panquake needs to launch.

Panquake functionality is going to blow the suppression of information on Big Tech platforms wide open. Panquake users will be able to circulate messages completely unimpeded by algorithms (we simply don't use any) & enjoy free access to their ENTIRE following.


Imagine being able to:

  • send a message every single person who follows you will get
  • gift others that power
  • share content from people you follow, to your followers, WHILE YOU'RE OFFLINE!
  • stack large amounts of content into a single shareable link, in SECONDS

Along with new custom functionality that no other product offers, Panquake is committed to not manipulating content, timelines or engagement metrics, guaranteeing:

  • No data selling
  • No data collecting! (your data stays on your device)
  • No advertising
  • No shadowbanning
  • No disappearing followers, retweets & likes
  • No trend manipulation
  • No suppression of off-platform links
  • No random page refreshes

100% pure freedom of expression!

This is Panquake

Panquake exceeds everyone's expectations including our own. It is by far the best looking, easiest to use, most innovative & futuristic social media product design on the market. Those who've seen it know this is true. Soon after this final funding round is complete, you will get to see it too!

No one stands to benefit from Panquake more than independent media, activists, or citizens who are under attack for sharing information that the powerful don't want them to.

Anyone feeling the burn of suppression of their information, of corporate silencing.. anyone whose access to the audience they've built up is under threat.. wins most from our success - so let them know about Panquake!

"This Twitter thread is going to raise half a million dollars..." so begins a new thread by Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson today, laying out the progress achieved by her team and the Panquake community in 2021, and the vision for 2022 and beyond.

Have a read of it at the above link, share the messages in it, and stayed tuned for our next big Monthly Public Delivery Meeting this coming Thursday December 23rd at which there will be several big announcements about Panquake's build progress to date.

Your shares, your likes and your donations are what propels this campaign forward. Now is the time to double down with spreading the word about Panquake - our people funded, people powered solution.

With love,

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Dec 20, 2021

Dear wonderful Panquake Community;

With our Phase Two funding round now at 99.5% you can expect an update formally announcing the launch of Phase Three (the final round!!!) any time now. There's some more great news about what's coming in the next few days from Panquake at the bottom of this update too so be sure to read to the bottom.

Strange and wonderful things have happened in the last few days! Let's start with the strange.

Twitter Offers Panquake New Twitter Account Then Immediately Permanently Bans Us. Here Are The Receipts:

As many of you will know, the official Panquake Twitter account, where we amassed thousands of followers, was @Pan_quake.

Our Chief Security Officer, Sean O'Brien, had been in communication with Twitter for some time, attempting to secure us the long-dormant account @Panquake.

Last week, we were amazed when Twitter contacted us and let us know that they were going to give us the @Panquake account. Sean patiently followed their instructions, creating a placeholder account to use to transition to the new account on, and changing the @pan_quake Twitter bio to direct the public to @Panquake.

Within minutes of the transition, Twitter permanently banned both our old and new accounts.

Twitter's reasoning? We "evaded permanent suspension". Except we had never been permanently suspended.

So... we got permanently suspended for evading permanent suspensions when there were no permanent suspensions for us to evade.

Confused? We are too. And we're not alone.

Sean filed an appeal to the suspensions and astonishingly, Twitter responded that they would not reverse the bans.

You may remember that back in March, Twitter suspended Panquake's main Twitter accounts. There was a massive public outcry about it and Twitter eventually backed down, claimed it was "an error", emailed us a formal apology and reinstated the accounts.

But by April they took a different tack and started picking off some less high profile Panquake accounts, including the fledgling @PanquakePeople project, the development team account @PanquakeDev and even the personal account of our Social Media team leader. Despite us appealing these acts of what looks awfully suspiciously like commercially motivated censorship (if not outright sabotage), these accounts have not been restored.

In aggregate, our experiences with Twitter this year have taught us a few things:

1. Never to treat our customers the way Twitter treats its users
2. To develop far superior customer service systems than Twitter has - Panquake will employ real people to communicate with its users and will not hide behind automated AI systems to make decisions about accounts
3. No matter how many times Twitter executives appear before Congressional committees to claim that they're not a monopoly and that they welcome competition, their actions speak louder than their words.

Panquake is tiny by comparison to Twitter - but Twitter is clearly scared. Because of your support, we have them on the back foot already. Panquake is innovative, Panquake exists to serve the interests of its users, unlike Twitter who serve the interests of corporate advertisers and the almighty dollar. Twitter only wants you for your data. Panquake doesn't want your data, we want your privacy and your autonomy.

That's why we are the future. Twitter is the past. And it looks like they know it already. They smell change in the air.

With every passing day, Twitter alienates and abuses the trust of more of its users - sending them flocking to us.

Since Twitter banned our accounts this weekend, Panquake donations have gone up exponentially.

How You Can Join The Fight Back:

1. Donate to push Panquake into Phase Three and then promote us as much as possible to help push us through that final funding phase as quickly as possible, so that we can deliver Panquake into your hands sooner!
2. Contact media and complain about Twitter's anti-competitive, anti-trust and monopolistic behaviors
3. Contact US Congresspeople and State Representatives and inform them of the same
4. Tweet and tag @TwitterSupport and tell them exactly how you feel about them banning us on false premises

What Twitter is doing is morally wrong and may well be illegal too. Your collective voices are powerful, and your collective voices can make change happen.

Panquake To Deliver You Presents - This Week!!

Now for the wonderful and exciting news: Panquake is holding our December monthly public delivery meeting this Thursday 23rd of December - eight days earlier than usual. This is because the development of the Panquake BETA has made major strides in the month of December and we have some enormous news to share with you about our progress and next steps.

Things are moving on the build far more quickly than we had anticipated and we know you'll be thrilled by what we have to show you.

So please follow and keep an eye on our Vimeo Channel for a fresh and exciting holiday update this coming Thursday.

In the meantime, keep donating so we can announce our transition into Phase Three!

You are our community and our voice. Thousands of you have banded together to make this project happen. And together, we're going to get it over the line.

What was once an idea is now becoming an inevitability. Thank you so much for your faith, your commitment and your support.

With love,

The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Dec 01, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

HOT PANQUAKE NEWS!!! Our November Public Delivery was released yesterday and for the first time, the public is getting to see the design chops of our dev team, with the announcement of the impending release of the WLDragnet app! Further down this post, you'll get a preview of just what the app will look like and do!

Watch the full event video here
Read Suzie Dawson's November Delivery Twitter Thread here
A Thread Reader version (blog-style) is available here

Panquake Campaign Updates

As always, first comes the Panquake campaign updates! This is the month we will cross the rubicon. Panquake Phase 2 (of 3) funding is at 94%! We are only $9,947 away from launching our final phase - the Panquake delivery phase!!! Help us help you by donating here and spreading the word about how close we are!

Panquake Production Updates

For the Panquake build team, November was all about security and cryptography, scaleability, ensuring multiple Panquake users can share devices if they want and implementing account deactivation, reactivation & restoration features. We know that you're going to need Panquake to do a lot more than just post messages, so we've been working hard to make sure no stone is left unturned as relates to account functionality!

Talk Liberation Fueling Panquake

Because transparency is super important to us, every month we release our Talk Liberation subscriber figures, our conversion rate & our email opening rates. If you check out the Panquake donations regularly, you'll see that every dollar of profit from Talk Liberation publications get fed straight into the Panquake build fund to help advance the project! Our Talk Liberation growth is steady and healthy and you can help push it along by subscribing here today.

Now Here Comes The Super Cool Stuff!!!!

HERE'S THE BIGGEST NEWS OF ALL: Last month we released WLDragnet Part One: revealing 1,000s of files showing that activists & journalists being targeted by social media surveillance. Now the Panquake development team have built an AMAZING search tool so you can search the files for your social media handles to find out if you're on those lists. Then you can - for free - generate and download a customized PDF displaying your results!

This is what it looks like:

Every aspect of the WLdragnet app design adheres to Panquake design principles:

* Super hot mobile-first design
* Simple interface - no unnecessary pages or clicks
* Privacy and Security - no cookies, no tracking, no data collection, no nasty algorithms, no analytics etc

Here's what the tool looks like on mobile:

The WLDragnet app will be published to a public code repository under FOSS licensing. Techies will be able to download and run the code themselves, review it & interact with our devs. We're currently in integrations, and will release the app formally as soon as its complete

For a ton more info about the release of the WLDragnet app, its significance, how much time we put into it & how we're traversing the full SDLC with this little mini-project to show the public what our dev team is capable of, watch the delivery video:

With YOUR help, every passing day we are all getting that much closer to social media liberation. Phase 1 of this project established the business infrastructure. Thanks to you, we now have our parent business in the Cook Islands and our operating company in Iceland, with administrative systems in place ready to support the Panquake BETA rollout! In Phase 2, you've helped us to fund the build of the BETA product. In Phase 3, which will kick off any day now, you will enable us to not just give you the best product around but the best service! That means real, human support (not AI!) for our users to interact with 24/7.

We first presented the Panquake idea in January to find out if you wanted it. The answer you gave us was YES! The only question now is WHEN we can deliver it. We promised to show up & present our progress every single month. We've never let you down. Our team have a 100% delivery record to date.

Every day, a handful of paid staff members & a score of volunteers give their all to bring you a future free of the surveillance & censorship plagues Big Tech have been subjecting us all to for far too long. Help us break their chokehold!

We are so pleased that you're now getting a taste of what our devs can do. Thank you for all your support to date - let's keep pushing and put Phase 2 in the rearview mirror. Onwards and forwards towards the BETA release!!! We'll see you next month with more exciting Panquake progress and news.

With love,

- The Panquake Team


Really hoping I’ll be chosen to be a member of the Beta team This is one of the most important (and necessary!) technology going. I’ve created a crypto account to make regular donations

Barbara Dutil

Update posted by Dec 09

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Nov 01, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

October was a horrific month for our team due to the loss of our beloved colleague Eynelys but we have pulled together to support her family and each other and are propelling the project forward in all regards.

We have just posted our October Public Delivery Meeting, making good on our promise to always keep you, our supporters, in the know about our build, campaign and fundraising progress every single month.

In this Twitter thread posted by Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson you can track our key metrics and statistics, including for our tech journalism project Talk Liberation and our new deep dive investigative section Talk Liberation Investigates, which just this week launched the #WLDragnet series.

Here are a few slides of note:

Panquake Build Progress

Panquake Phase 2 funding round is now at 86% complete.

At last month's delivery meeting we announced the huge news that our developers had successfully authenticated users on our test network and they successfully sent, received and verified encrypted messages. This month the rest of the authentication service functionality has been built out and tested. We now have the ability for users to be anonymous/unregistered guests on our network, or registered and authenticated, which fulfills a fundamental promise we made from the outset.

With the user creation and authentication side of the build finished, we can now move forward into the blockchain build, which we expect will take the rest of this year to complete.

Talk Liberation Progress

Our tech publication Talk Liberation provides an important recurring income/revenue stream that feeds directly into supporting the Panquake build. Making us less reliant on crowdfunding donations and the generosity of the general public, Talk Liberation provides a valuable news service for people who care about the same issues we do: internet freedom, data sovereignty, privacy, security, digital rights, policy and law.

This month, Talk Liberation subscriptions have increased by nearly 50% and with an average opening rate of 29% (which is extremely high for this industry) we are proving that our content is engaging and our audience are engaged!

Talk Liberation Investigates Delivers As Promised

Our groundbreaking new series #WLDragnet is exposing sinister and for-profit modern day mass surveillance on social media. Part One is out now and focuses on the targeting of supporters of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange as well as whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and movements like Medicare For All and Force The Vote, among many others. Parts Two and Three yet to come, zoom out to an even bigger picture that affects us all. Deep dive investigative journalism like this, based on primary source documents, is very rare in this day and age. Don't miss out on this incredible reporting, make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list to be the first to know when the next parts are released!

With your support we're going to deliver our next generation social media app to the world. Privacy, freedom of expression and data sovereignty are coming your way. We won't stop til we push through Phase 3 & have everything in place to deliver the service quality you deserve.

Your support means the world to us. We have come so far together and by doubling down, we're going to achieve this big win for humanity.

In closing this delivery update, it's impossible not to think of Eynelys and how proud she would be that we have not stopped fighting for this cause that is so near and dear to all our hearts. Rest in power, Eynelys.

With love,

The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Oct 18, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

We are devastated at the sudden and tragic loss of our Relationship Manager, Eynelys Garcia, in a hit-and-run accident in California last Thursday.

Eynelys (pronounced Annelise) was the light in our lives and the glue in our team. More, she was the sole caregiver for her mother who has been battling cancer, and her disabled sister, and was their sole financial provider.

Panquake staff have been supporting Eynelys's family and each other in our grief and we deeply appreciate the solidarity exhibited by our community over the last few days.

Now we have a very simple ask of you all, our extended Panquake family.

Please help Eynelys's family to meet funeral, medical, housing and living expenses while they try to grasp with the loss of Eynelys, who was the central pillar of their lives. Their GoFundMe page is available here.

If you are unable to give directly, please show your support by posting the GoFundMe link, along with Eynelys's story, everywhere that you are able to online.

This gorgeous woman who gave us all so much love, deserves all that we can do for her loved ones in return.

Panquake has published an official press release about the loss of Eynelys.

Eynelys constantly spoke about what Panquake meant to her, and we frequently told her how much we loved, valued and appreciated her. To her final moment, she was joyful and happy.

Back in June, at the end of that month's public delivery meeting, Eynelys gave a testimony about working for Panquake, in our 'State of the Business' staff testimonial update. Here's what she said:

As a colleague and as a friend, Eynelys is irreplaceable. Going forward, we are determined to find ways to memorialize and celebrate her life as she was truly a pillar of our team and a huge part of the heart of Panquake and all that we do.

In the short term, our focus is on supporting her family, and we extend our gratitude to you in advance for your shares of and donations to her family's GoFundMe page.

We will write again soon. In the meantime, we are holding each other, and the memory of Eynelys.

- The Panquake Team


I wish I had help paying for my gravesite but other than my sister paying $500.oo on my behalf I slowly paid for it myself, at least that expense wont fall to my children

Ronald Peterson

Update posted by Dec 01


I clearly heard how vivacious, kind, and passionate she was from a Redacted Tonight podcast episode she did. I’m so so sorry for your loss. ❤

Maria Le

Update posted by Oct 18

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Oct 01, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

Our September public delivery event is available to watch now and contains some HUGE news about the progress of the Panquake build that YOU are helping to make happen!!

Panquake developers have successfully parsed and validated encrypted messages between users through the Panquake network!

This is the latest exciting leap forward in a string of key development milestones that Panquake has been achieving since launching its coding phase in June.

At the delivery meeting, Suzie Dawson presented an overview of Panquake development activities throughout 2021, showing how what was merely an idea back in January, has become a working prototype by only September:

In Suzie’s Twitter thread recapping the delivery, you can read a short synopsis of the revelations from the delivery meeting, featuring new slides outlining major progress on various aspects of the project including:

* An overview of where we're presently at with funding, BETA development, infrastructure, marketing & rollout planning
* This month's production metrics including revealing that Panquake is authoring it's own messaging protocol (tech-minded folks will know this is very significant and super cool)
* A breakdown of the 8 compartmentalized microservices Panquake is building, in order to have the most secure, scaleable and extensible network for our users possible
* An open letter from Panquake and Talk Liberation team member, Taylor Hudak

Talk Liberation Fueling Panquake

Dawson also announced the donation of several thousand dollars of subscription fees from paid subscribers to Panquake's popular weekly Netpolitics publication Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report.

This means Panquake supporters who subscribe to Talk Liberation are directly helping the Panquake build!

Metrics for Talk Liberation show good organic growth, strong conversion and content opening rates by recipients.

An important second income stream for Panquake, Talk Liberation helps our community (and ourselves!) become more educated about and stay up to date with their topics of interest while helping to sustain the Panquake build.

it's a win-win!

Talk Liberation Expanding Into Exclusive Data Journalism Investigations

Soon, Talk Liberation will expand beyond its original incarnation as an aggregated news service, with the launch of Talk Liberation Investigates. Sean O'Brien, Panquake Chief Security Officer and Suzie Dawson will bring our community exclusive data journalism investigations based on primary source material.

That means big scoops - 'firsts', helping to enhance public understanding about critically important issues. And if you've already subscribed to Talk Liberation, you'll get access to Talk Liberation Investigates by default!

Panquake nearing the Phase 2 Funding Target

With 85% of the Phase 2 Panquake Funding target of $167,000 now reached, it’s vital to push through the remainder and complete the phase.

Hitting 100% on this target will trigger the launch of Phase 3 - the third and final funding round for the Panquake BETA application.

With several batches of BETA users already approved to be part of our Team of 5,000 we know many of you are chomping at the bit for Panquake to be delivered and so are we!

Phase 3 is what will allow us to hire the customer support, technical support and content moderation staff that we will need in order to administer and maintain Panquake to the professional standard that our users deserve.

The more that our community - this means YOU! - helps us to spread the message that Panquake is important to support and is coming, the faster we will hit those final milestones and be able to deliver this next generation social media application to the world!

Please consider donating today, sharing Panquake videos and social media posts all over the internet (not just Twitter or Facebook, where it is often shadow banned content, but spreading the word via email, SMS, news groups or directly by word of mouth!)

This amazing crowdfunded project has come so far and with a big concerted push over the next couple of months, together we will get this across the line and have something to feel super proud about having achieved for many years to come.

One of our community members once commented “One day we will be telling our children about these donations” and they’re absolutely correct.

We’ll be saying “we supported Panquake when it was still being built” and in doing so, we are supporting privacy, user autonomy, and internet freedom in an age where all are facing grave threats.

Panquake is the solution we all need, and it’s all of us that are bringing it into the world!

With love,

- The Panquake Team


I’m concerned about the naming «PanQuake». How can I with a serious face tell people about the future of the internet and the need of ownership of your own infrastructure and have it be a mix between pancake, earthquake etc? I wish it is a beta name. I want to be an activist for you, can you make it easier? You have to employ the strategy of the elites and have a decent name to claim a high ground. The goal is to take over from facebook.Wiki leaks worked like that because everybody respected wikipedia consept. Why don’t you change the name to «Public» or something aspireing to be for everyone in society, not just whacky activists

Åsmund Kjus

Update posted by Oct 23

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Sep 03, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

Talk Liberation continues it’s culture of transparency in our August campaign update for PANQUAKE

This month we take a closer look at how the demand for a messaging service shaped by users & not driven by advertisers has morphed from a handful of volunteers to a dynamic independent company building a new online community space. Despite the efforts of Big Tech to slow us down, Panquake remains on track, now enrolling selected members for our BETA phase! We cover off what’s still to do, how we will do it and how you and all of our Panquake community can help. This is truly a co-operative effort and it’s the determination of people like you to be allowed to control your own narrative that will help to shape our work and get this project over the line.

BETA applications have been pouring in and although we anticipate a months-long process to vet all 5,000 participants, the first batch of approvals is already underway and notifications will be going out to the selected users in the next few days! If you haven't already, apply to join our BETA Team of 5,000 here

See how advertising-free, next generation messaging can become a reality

* Watch the August monthly delivery meeting video on Vimeo here or on You Tube here

* Read and share this tweet thread about major aspects of the delivery content

PANQUAKE going green

A bastion of internet freedom but equally importantly, a country that runs on 100% renewable, sustainable green energy, ICELAND is the home of Panquake, where all our data and services are hosted and operated from. Giving you the confidence that we have a long term and sustainable plan for hosting our platform - and one that contributes to a better, greener future for social media.

PANQUAKE campaign progress

This month's campaign statistics demonstrate a total recovery from the losses we incurred due to PayPal's withholding of our campaign donations and we are back into the green thanks to all of your support! We are also now employing 9 full time staff, who are stepping on the gas to speed the build of Panquake forward at an ever-increasing pace.

PANQUAKE production progress

Development of our software took another leap forward in August, as reflected in our Production Metrics. In particular, the design of a suite of microservices which will deliver key application data to our users is another notch on our bona fide geek belt. Our microservices compartmentalize and secure critical data, making the program more operationally sound and safe, as well as making Panquake more easily scalable and extensible when supplying services to ever larger numbers of users.

We also have been producing and polishing architectural documentation to a very high standard, which will eventually be included in our technical white paper upon release of our BETA!

TALK LIBERATION - Why did we create it, Who is reading it and What is it reporting on?

We care about our users and listen to them. Some people asked why Panquake launched a news service in the middle of a software development project! A valid question, so we discussed the many reasons Talk Liberation serves our community as well as enhances Panquake, at the August delivery meeting.

It's all about educating our community - but more, it's about educating ourselves. Because we must stay on top of the problems, in order to be able to engineer the solutions. And it's also fortifying PANQUAKE - providing additional income streams and channels for the financial support required to complete this project and deliver Panquake into your hands. Subscribe to Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report today and you will receive articles and videos with really high production value covering the most important news that Panquake users need to know and care most about. News that is too important to paywall - so we haven't - but for those wanting to provide recurring financial support to Panquake on a monthly or yearly basis, this is a great way to do it.

The Most Transparent Project Ever

Because you are collectively funding Panquake, and Panquake is funding Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report, we want you to be a part of watching the growth of what we’ve built together.

As August was our first full month of publishing, we've compiled the performance metrics for the publication into a handy new chart. With $0 P.R. or marketing spend, and promoted only by word of mouth on social media, here's where we're at after our first month:

Any digital marketing person will tell you that a 11.9% conversion rate - especially on a platform where it is entirely voluntary to pay anything at all - is phenomenally high. Even 5% would be considered extremely high, so our 11.9% is simply off the charts! As is our 29% opening rate for our content. This means we are getting the right product to the right audience and that is why they are so highly engaged in consuming the content as well as feeling motivated to provide the financial support necessary to secure this unique and important news service into the future.

This is an amazing start to what we hope will become the go-to platform for relevant and trustworthy news about the internet issues that affect us all. Including:

There is some super worrisome news out in the world right now which will have dire impacts on internet and social media users, as well as on civil liberties, human rights and freedom of communication.

The landscape is changing fast, from only seven months ago when we first launched this campaign, to what we're seeing unfold around us all as we write this. In an age where many are prevented from organising in physical spaces to influence policy and society in a positive way, having online spaces where we can organise effectively is more important than ever.

There are some really important conversations to be had about this and PANQUAKE will increasingly become a facilitator of those in the months to come. Watch this space.

The final phase of our fundraising campaign is nearing - at 83% of Phase Two the transition to Phase Three, the Delivery Phase is in sight. We need all of your help to get us there and the sooner we get there, the better for all of us. Please consider donating here and spreading the word about the opportunity that Panquake is, to as many people as you can, as regularly as you can. We are just regular people up against powerful corporations and interests, but together we are strong. We need advocates and evangelists to light our way through to the final phase so that we can look back proudly on what we have built together, and provide this vital communications tool to generations to come.

Thank you so much for all you do!

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Aug 07, 2021

Dear Community - this is your chance. Please grab it while you can!

Shape the Social Media future you want - applications are now open for the PANQUAKE ‘Team of 5,000’ Beta Users

Wow, great start guys - at last weekend's public delivery meeting we put out the first invite for BETA users, and applications came flooding in. So many of you are keen to work with us in the pre-launch phase, making sure Panquake is the best it can be, before we open it up for public use. To those very early adopters, woohoo, great to have you on board!

We are selecting BETA users now because we have almost completed our Phase 2 fundraising & then we’ll move into the 3rd & FINAL phase which will activate the BETA launch.

If you haven’t applied to be a BETA user yet and using an independent platform that doesn’t collect or sell your data matters to you (did we mention no paid advertising either?) then get in contact here. Successful applicants to the Team of 5,000 will become the first people in the WORLD to get to use the application. Your feedback will help us to polish Panquake into the gem we know it will be.

If, like us, you want to get your hands on Panquake NOW then push this project along faster by donating here and helping to spread the word about this vital next generation solution: bring your friends and family up to speed by sharing this opportunity via your usual channels.

It is such exciting times for us here at Panquake and we know so many of you are feeling the excitement too.

Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible journey and empowering our hardworking team to deliver Panquake into your waiting hands!

More soon,

- The Panquake Team


Does this mean there will be no Beta until you raise $500K?

Steven Greenberg

Update posted by Aug 08


What to do if you’re not selected after applying?

Vincent Germain

Update posted by Aug 07

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Can't wait for Panquake to be be operational.


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This is what the world needs, come-on everybody, let's make this a huge succes!!

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Looks to fill the need for a protected free speech video and social media platform. Most excellent!


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