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BREAKING NEWS!! Panquake just released the first piece of the Panquake pie: Panquake Me. Scroll down to read our main campaign story, but first we want to give you this piping hot news!

Thanks to YOUR support we are already changing the way that content is shared online. And Panquake Me is FREE to use and available NOW!

What can you expect with

Panquake Me has three great functions:

1. Strips your links of any marketing or ad trackers,
2. Archives the original link so it never disappears, and
3. Shortens the link.

All within one simple click!

Here are some goodies:

* Watch our team announcement of this amazing milestone
* 2 minute video guide on how to use Panquake Me
* Check out the press release here:
* Read our Substack post about Panquake Me


We’ve all been working together to get our game changing short-messaging service up and running - FAST!

Thanks to trusted members of our extended support community we have an international team growing by the day and a clear pathway to delivery, yay, what a FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT.

Because of you all, the release of the product is assured - we will complete our social network blockchain and network build and implement the systems our team will use to administrate PANQUAKE, delivering not just a great product but also a great service.

Remember, Panquake will be advertising-free and publicly accessible, with game-changing new functionality available in a very low flat-fee subscription model. Panquake will also offer gift accounts and compassionate accounts to users facing personal hardship, making sure that price is not a barrier to access.

So why are we still fundraising? Now that we have exceeded our original goals we have removed the fixed target but we’re continuing to accept donations because we need to build a war-chest for marketing the release and for legal costs. We’ve consistently faced challenges and roadblocks from hostile forces, including meddling with our funding streams and trying to silence us on social media. We know this is likely to continue and increase as launch gets closer - there are vested interests who don't want freedom of speech and a level playing field for all humanity on social media, despite these values being enshrined in international law and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Panquake is transparently delivering powerful, next generation amplification tools to put you in control of your social reach and engagement The more our Community donate, the stronger position we will be in at release to defend PANQUAKE for the benefit of everyone, so please continue to support us and share share share!

Become a member of the Panquake community and receive regular updates on our development progress and advance notice of our upcoming release dates!

Don’t forget team, share, share, share! We, the people, are joining forces against corporations with limitless resources. So the more successful this crowdfunding effort, the more we can achieve when delivering this life changing product for internet users worldwide.

Donate now and join the Panquake community.

We have already worked together to complete our initial funding phases! Now we just need to get PANQUAKE into your hands with a minimum of interference. An incredible new future is in sight!! Soon we will all be able to use this new platform that is answerable only to its community members, not to investment bankers and advertisers - and where respecting your privacy is at the heart of every decision we make.

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Fundraising Team

We don't hope. We build.

We don't hope. We build.

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  • Pat Martin
  • Donated on May 23, 2024
  • Joined because of John Kiriakou.

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Mar 10, 2024
  • This will only happen if I can do this in UnAmerican dollars

  • Debra Walker
  • Donated on Mar 03, 2024
Apr 15

Panquake 2024: The Year That Will Change Everything

Update posted by Panquake Community at 12:40 pm

Dear Panquake Community, You did it. You really did. Panquake is bigger, brighter and delivering products into your hands faster than ever before and it's all because of YOU!!!Next Product Release Coming This MayHot on the heels of the stratospherically performing Panquake Me which was released in the last quarter. . . . .

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Nov 14

The Numbers Are In - And They're Enormous

Update posted by Panquake Community at 06:37 am

Six weeks ago we brought you Panquake Me - a FREE, super easy to use link converter that strips all the Big Tech nasties out of the links you share online, protecting you and your audience. Well, the numbers are in on user adoption of this vital new tool and. . . . .

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Sep 25

NOW SERVING: An early release of the Panquake pie!

Update posted by Panquake Community at 03:09 pm

Dear Panquake Community, Yes, you read right! We are delivering to you the first piece of the Panquake pie! Introducing Panquake Me: our new link cleaning, shortening and archiving service! allows you to share links safely to your family and friends, without fear of tracking and mapping of your. . . . .

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Jun 06

MEGA UPDATE!!! Plus: Panquake Exposes AI-Driven Social Media

Update posted by Panquake Community at 11:18 pm

Dear Panquake Community, As promised, our consistently growing Panquake team has been hard at work 24/7 (literally - across multiple time zones) working in-house as well as with various trusted international suppliers to get operational systems and network online in preparation for delivery. So What Is Panquake Up To? Collectively,. . . . .

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Feb 21

Panquake Talks Privacy, Politics and Prepping for Release

Update posted by Panquake Community at 12:52 pm

Dear Panquake Community, We are thrilled to report significant progress on the path towards delivering Panquake into your hands. As promised during our Founder's last address to you in December, the beginning of 2023 has seen the hiring and training of Panquake's service team managers who will be responsible for. . . . .

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Dec 07

A Personal Message From Our Founder

Update posted by Panquake Community at 03:16 am

Dear Panquake Community, With the Panquake crowdfunding campaign now complete, what is around the corner for the Panquake community? Today, we are releasing a new update video by our Founder Suzie Dawson. In it she speaks frankly and from the heart about the genesis, journey and future of Panquake; how. . . . .

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Oct 10

YOU DID IT!! Panquake Delivery FUNDED!!!

Update posted by Panquake Community at 01:36 am

Dear Panquake Community,You did it! Phase 3 Funding Round is COMPLETE!! The September Public Delivery video is out now and it kicks off with the greatest news that you've waited so long to hear: thanks to members of our support community, Panquake has met it's Phase 3 funding goal for. . . . .

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Aug 07

Panquake Girls Talk Tech

Update posted by Panquake Community at 08:10 pm

Dear Panquake Community, Our July Public Delivery Meeting video is out now! Join Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson and Chief Marketing Advisor Sheree Ip as they discuss all the latest progress and updates about the development and delivery of everyone's favorite upcoming social media solution, Panquake! The conversation gets pretty techy. . . . .

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Jul 07

Panquake On Mobile: Interface Preview!!!

Update posted by Panquake Community at 10:05 pm

Dear Panquake Community,Things are getting exciting!!! A new short video has been released, showing Panquake Chief Security Advisor Sean O'Brien using Panquake on mobile!Check it out here:It is YOU that has made this amazing progress possible!Your love, your trust, your shares and your commitment to seeing this project through to. . . . .

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Jun 30

Putting The Icing On The Panquake!

Update posted by Panquake Community at 02:27 am

Dear Panquake Community,We have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our application build, to bring you this GAME-CHANGING social media application. Panquake will change your lives - and has the potential to change the world.Our June Public Delivery Meeting has just been released. Presented by John Kiriakou,. . . . .

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  • Pat Martin
  • Donated on May 23, 2024
  • Joined because of John Kiriakou.

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Mar 10, 2024
  • This will only happen if I can do this in UnAmerican dollars

  • Debra Walker
  • Donated on Mar 03, 2024
  • Paul Merrell
  • Donated on Mar 01, 2024
  • Panquake is urgently needed as censorship severely constricts public discussion of important topics.

  • Edwin Frost
  • Donated on Feb 24, 2024
  • Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Repot
  • Donated on Jan 24, 2024
  • This contribution is from Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report subscription payments! At the Talk Liberation Substack page ( TalkLiberation dot Substack dot com) you can join other Panquake supporters in making a recurring monthly donation to help empower Panquake while periodically receiving articles and investigations about internet freedom, privacy, security, law and Big Tech emailed directly to your inbox from our amazing publication team. Thanks so much to all of you who are keeping yourself educated on these important topics while helping us bring about a better internet for us all. :)

  • Edmond Badham
  • Donated on Dec 24, 2023
  • Vivian Kubrick
  • Donated on Nov 15, 2023
  • THANK YOU SO SUZIE AND THE WHOLE PANQUAKE TEAM FOR ALL YOUR GOOD WORKS ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY!!! I’m so so grateful for all your hard work and dedication to internet privacy and free speech!!!

  • Guest
  • Donated on Oct 20, 2023
  • FotoPlaf
  • Donated on Sep 27, 2023
  • Excited to try your platform @fotoplaf

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Raised offline: $1,022,499.00
Total: $1,213,218.00

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