Apr 07, 2021 at 06:18 pm

Twitter Silencing Its Competition - Panquake

Update posted by Panquake Community

Dear Panquake Community -

We could forgive you for thinking we've been silent. In fact, we're being silenced. By Twitter (again).

Last month, Twitter formally apologized to us for banning all our accounts simultaneously, for "spam". After a massive public outcry and a media inquiry requesting official comment from Twitter, they emailed us to say it was all a mistake, and reinstated (nearly) all our accounts.

But that was then. This is now.

This month, they've been slowly reversing that position by waging a silent war of attrition against Panquake. After their attempt at eradicating us in one fell swoop fell so spectacularly flat, we are now discovering that one by one, our accounts are being suspended.

Our PR account @panquakePR was never returned to us, despite us making repeated requests.

Then, they went after the people. @Panquakepeople.

A well known anti-war activist was arranging a group public campaign of coordinated tweeting, under that account. The account was suspended before that effort could get off the ground.

Next, they took down our support channel. @Panquakesupport had been providing advice and feedback to our user community. Now it cannot, thanks to the anti-competitive behavior of a big tech competition.

But that wasn't enough for them. They subsequently directly targeted the account of our Social Media manager, @panquakeT.

And the piece de resistance? Today, they restricted the account of our development team, @PanquakeDev.

The knives are out. Panquake spells change on the horizon and the old guard don't like it one bit. They've been pleasantly riding atop their monopolies while periodically reporting to Congress that they aren't a monopoly and in fact support "competition in the space". But Panquake is bursting that anti-trust bubble and exposing them for what they are. Talking out both sides of their mouth, even as the Supreme Court this very week declared that big tech have no right to silence users.

Some may argue that Twitter has no obligation to provide services to competitors. This is counter-intuitive for a few reasons. A telephone company does not deny service provision to other telephone companies. Competing services can use each other's networks to place marketing calls or promote their own products uninhibited. Certainly, if the day comes when Twitter wishes to register a Panquake account, we will not stand in their way, deny them service, take punitive action against them on our platform or engage in anti-trust or monopolistic behaviors as they do.

If you are outraged by watching a billion dollar corporation attempt to choke a startup that is funded by tiny public contributions, we urge you to spread this news and make your opinions known. Several Congressional Representatives are working hard to hold the big tech robber barons to account. We urge you to submit this information to their offices and to raise the issue of big tech censorship with your local representatives and your local newspapers.

Ultimately, word of mouth is making Panquake's crowdfunding campaign a success, and the monopolistic behavior of Twitter only motivates us to forge ahead and deliver this important, groundbreaking, next generation social media solution into your hands.

We thank you so much for all your support, and remind you that our success is your freedom, and your shares are our voice.

With love,

- The Panquake Team

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