Updates on Tracy’s War on Stage IV Lung Cancer

Health Update : New Target Medicine for Tracy
Update posted by Betty Cheung On Nov 19

Dear Tracy's #ARMY

On Tuesday 17 October 2020, Tracy was scheduled for another chemo/immnotherapy session. But after follow-up with the oncologist, a new treatmentwas prescribed -- owing to Tracy's promising response to the target medicine Pembrolizumab with very few side effects -- just fatigue, slight constipation. Tracy managed so well at home, she never took any of the meds to treat the side effects.

New Target Medicine - Crizotinib

Her doctor has now prescibed Crizotinib at HK$37,100 for 3 weeks worth of medication -- the doctor has prescribed 7 cycles of this target medicine. This particular course of her treatment was covered by the funds raised by Tracy's #ARMY while Tracy applies for a subsidy fromthe Hospital Autority's Samartian Fund. The previous application is null as the target medication has changed. The fund will provide subsidy for future target medicine by not reimburse for retroactive treatments.

Tracy has just started taking the pills as of today, the 19th. She's taking care to monitor her heart rate as one of the side effects of this drug is slowed heart rate.

Tracy's heart rate has been elevated since being admitted to hospital at the end of September. So I suppose this is a fortunate side effect.

Alternative Treatments and Maintainence

Tracy will continue her holistic treatments regularly every 2-3 weeks and will be seeking other alternative therapies that may complement her current treatment. She's fiercely sticking to her high protein, high fat diet and has worked very hard to maintain her BMI.

Thank you to Tracy's #ARMY for all your support. Her #fighter spirit is strong because of your love and support. Please don't stop showing your support.

XOXO Betty

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