Updates on Tracy’s War on Stage IV Lung Cancer

Tracy's Health Update and a New Reward had been Added
Update posted by Betty Cheung On Nov 06

Dear Tracy's #ARMY,

There's another new addition to our rewards sponsored by the famous and fabulous Teresa Norton and her company StarMaker. This reward will be ideal for a small company who wants to start the new year off with a big boost. Read all about it on the rewards page.

Also a quick update on Tracy's recovery. Either the immunotherapy or the holistic physiotherapy or both seem to have helped normalize Tracy's BP and lower her heartrate. Her appetite is increasing and she is breathing more comfortably albeit still with the help of an oxygen concentrator. She feels good enough to pull out #BTS Wembley concert DVD to watch!

The hospital immunotherapy will continue with the second treatment in 10 days time and she has another holistic session on Monday. Tracy's really digging deep and #fighting!!! We won't know how she's doing until the hospital checks on her progress.

There are so many people reaching out to Tracy's War. She has help to drive her to her appointments, make her food and so many friends and strangers making contributions, particularly those shocking her with big surprise donations. Tracy especially wants to thank those who choose to be 100% anonymous. There's no way for her to thank you directly but at least here I can say Tracy's #ARMY is truly gratefully for your selfless contribution. Tracy's recovery owes everything to you.

XOXO Betty

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