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Nov3 - leaders, champions and surgery
Update posted by Team GO PA On Nov 03

Today, November 3rd is a day around the world where so many people are focusing on global leaders and champions, and the effects of the USA. An election that most agree will have great global impact.

November 3rd to so many of us in the global justice sector, is an equally important day, as so many of us are focusing on another global champion Pavina (Pa) Thephithuck. Today, November 3rd, Pa undergoes an additional surgery related to the stroke she suffered in August earlier this year.

This surgery, which involves a replacement of part of her skull that was removed in August, is an essential part of her long term, and we are confident, rehabilitative process.

While so many of us await the result of the US Election, hoping the result will help strengthen fairness, compassion and justice in the USA, and worldwide, we do so without being clearly confident of the outcome.

With Pa we do not have this same worry. We are beyond sure that with the medical care she is getting, and the support from so many that has come in, and continues to come in from near and far, to help support the expenses for this medical care, she will recover and continue to be the access to justice hero so many of us know her to be.

We thank so many of you who to date, have helped to support this global justice champion, and her family, to make this possible and equally encourage others who both want to, and have the means to, to join the rest of us in doing so.

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