Updates on Immediate Appendectomy for JM

Battle in the ward
Update posted by Jennelyn Clidoro On Sep 17

I can't take my eyes off with my brother because even if the surgery was over, the continuous fever never left him. I have to stay awake, wipe his body with a wet cloth, and monitor his temperature. I can't feel tired nor exhausted because I have to be strongest for my family and for my brother. I know that I am just human and imperfect in so many ways.

I also fear for our lives, knowing that we are in a place where all possibilities can happen...the bed of my brother is just near a TB (tuberculosis) patient. *sigh*

He can sit uncomfortably now but still feeling dizzy. His doctor said that he needs to try to sit, walk, and be able to pee in the toilet. He also needs to expel gas from his digestive tract. If this will not happen, his intestine might be in trouble and another surgery might happen.

We are still waiting for his second swab test result. I'm really praying that it will turn negative this time.

All I ever want is for us to get out here alive.

I want to see my children and my family...hug them and tell them it's over...and we are able to get through it with the presence of God and all this works through different people helping us.

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