Dec 23, 2020 at 09:50 pm

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for 2021 !

Update posted by Imane Assaf

To all of the amazing people that have supported us via the go get funding platform.

I am privileged and honored for the time and kind support you all showed the Ahla Fawda team in our mission to help our communities during the Corona crisis followed by the August 4th disaster and the poor victims.

You have consoled and comforted us through the toughest year anyone could imagine and was amplified to unbelievable levels in Lebanon. You have enabled us to drive forward on our mission to reach an incredible number of the most needy and desperate people.

We have been so focused on relief efforts we failed to thank you officially, at the same time every job accomplished is our way of saying “thank you”

We are now nearing the end of one of the most memorable years. We are so grateful that you are all one of the positive memories of this year and your support has been amazing.

You are honourable ambassadors for us. Together we have made huge positive differences to so many lost souls and we continue our journey into 2021 with the same passion and desire to make Lebanon a better place and make a positive difference to every soul that needs us.

Thank you!

We wish you a blessed merry Christmas and healthy peaceful safe 2021

God bless you all!

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