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Extra Funds Will Now Go to the Affinity Initiative
Update posted by Pamela Punzalan On Sep 13

Hey, everybody! Once again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS CAMPAIGN.

I recently went on Twitter to talk about putting together a game bundle on itch. This bundle was meant to purchase Affinity Publisher licenses for indie game designers who would like proper publishing/design/layout software but do not have easy access to them due to their life circumstances.

So, I've updated the copy of my campaign to include this paragraph:

"As of September 13: I have also decided that beyond funding my activities for diverse gamers - any extra proceeds to this campaign will go to a fundraiser for purchasing Affinity Publisher licenses for Filipino designers. This fundraiser will likely be an initiative that is going to extend well beyond the period of this campaign - but the sooner I can get started on it with a sizeable amount of income, the better!"

If this campaign goes beyond 1,000 USD, the extra money - including as much as I can give from the leftovers of my upkeep and expenses during Big Bad Con - will go into this funding pool. Please consider donating if you can!

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