Updates on Emergency Open Heart Surgery Operation for Edwin Tuyay

Aug 23, 2019
Update posted by Bruce Tuyay On Aug 23

Hello everyone!

So the past two weeks were great. Dad's been to 4 different doctors already and he just got home from the fifth one, all doctors were consistent with their diagnosis and they all recommended him for the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). We also just got word from the Philippine Heart Center that they'll be expecting him to check into the hospital on August 28, two days of monitoring and conditioning then they'll perform the surgery on August 30, 2019. His case is sensitive due to the fact that he has type 2 diabetes, so they need to control his sugar and make sure that his body is ready for the surgery. We found out that the procedure would take about 6 hours, then they'll transfer him to SICU for a recovery period of 3 days, after that he'll be monitored in his own room for another 5-7 days before discharging him and sending him home.

Having been put into this situation is eye-opening for us. I just found out that there's a ton of people lined up for the same procedure as my dad's - one of the reasons why his surgery was moved to take place on the 30th, when at first, we were told that a bypass was urgent(doctor said it should be performed 5-7 days after his angiogram). Another thing is that CABG is relatively safe, this takes off a lot of worry cause who wouldn't worry when your loved one is scheduled to undergo general anesthesia? And it's amazing to know that people are working together and everyone is extending a helping hand. Thank the heavens for the whole Photography Industry coming together and making things happen, I'll be attending one of the workshops tomorrow, organized by good people in aid of my dad's medical expenses.

And thank you of course, to everyone who contributed, who shared this post and to those who are continuously storming the heavens with prayers. Everything is greatly appreciated and we promise to pay it forward.

Eat healthy, and may God bless you all. <3

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