Updates on Critical and life threatening condition, please Help Muffin the ex-breeding, abandoned & rescued Schnauzer dog

Muffin Update #4
Update posted by Kassen Chu On Jun 11

With much relieve, we are pleased to advise that Muffin's Sunday’s CRP result shows 0.5 mg/dL, meaning her inflammation is under control and not deteriorating.

We are also lucky enough to find a new fosterer, who can provide around the clock supervision and care to Muffin in case her condition deteriorates.

We can see that Muffin is much happier to finally be out of the hospital cage and see some familiar faces again. She continues to take her anti-biotics and needs to take it easy, get more rest and avoid too much exercise. She is really looking forward to catching up on all the play time she missed over the last few weeks, hence we really hope she can recover and get well ASAP.

Although Muffin is still a young girl, she has already been through a lot, and may be requiring long term medication and special care for the life ahead of her.

On coming Friday, we will bring Muffin back to the specialist for follow-up and see what the doctor recommends next, along with the CT scan for more in-depth analysis and any further treatment/medications as necessary. Please continue pray for Muffin on her this coming Friday assessment will be positive.

We are still short of our target, the follow-up and CT scan will be expected to be $2k-$3k. We appreciate your help and support, and thanks to everyone who have contributed🙏

Please help us spread the word also!

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