Updates on Critical and life threatening condition, please Help Muffin the ex-breeding, abandoned & rescued Schnauzer dog

Muffin Update #3
Update posted by Kassen Chu On Jun 04

Hello everyone, just a quick update.

We continue to monitor Muffin's condition closely, particularly the respiratory rate. Doctors have indicated that her breathing rate falls outside of the ideal target range at times.

We continue to patiently wait and observe until she becomes more stable.

Muffin's throat seems to give her some discomfort when eating. Hence, we have switched to wet food (fishy kind, as she's allergic to chicken), which luckily she seems to tolerate a bit better.

We hope that Muffin's condition can stabilize ASAP so that she can proceed to do the CT scan as recommended by the doctors.

In order to do the CT scan, Muffin will go under anesthesia, which carries a high risk, especially after her cardiac arrest and resuscitation.

Thanks again for everyone's support and encouragement to date (we do read all of your kind and motivating comments), please continue to pray for Muffin 🙏

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