Updates on Critical and life threatening condition, please Help Muffin the ex-breeding, abandoned & rescued Schnauzer dog

Muffin Update #1
Update posted by Kassen Chu On May 30

Thanks everyone for your support and well wishes so far. Muffin remains in critical and high risk condition, although her condition hasn't deteriorated further. Tomorrow, May 31st, we will be transferring Muffin to the Mount Pleasant Veterinary Clinic, where she will see a cardiologist for next steps.

The move itself will also be high risk - we have sourced an oxygen tank to keep her on O2 during the trip, and the trip will be anywhere from 20-40 minutes by car. We really hope that Muffin can remain calm during the trip, keeping her blood pressure stable and not leading to any further heart complications.

Please help pray that Muffin can arrive at the clinic safely, where she will receive the medical treatments that she needs. No amount is too small, we sincerely appreciate your generosity. Please also help spread the word!

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