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Update posted by Emi Paulette Lizada On Jul 16

Aeva is currently recovering and is doing therapies 3 times a week. However, her seizures changed, she was having more than 20 seizures a day.m - they were called tonic seizures. Her Nuero said that before her focal seizures were just situated in one area of her brain (mostly caused by her shunt) but now it looks like her seizures are coming from both parts of her brain and she's not sure where unless a video EEG is done. Her current medications doesn't work on her seizures that's why we have to see an Epileptologist to get the right medicine for her.

We have to fly Aeva to Manila since there's no Epileptologists here in Bacolod or even in Iloilo or Cebu.

We're still running this campaign and we hope you can help us with Aeva's battle.

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