Updates on Justice for Zak

Campaign reopened
Update posted by Nicholas Kostopoulos On Nov 02

Announcement regarding the financial support of the judicial struggle for Zak

We would like to inform you that the first phase of the fundraising campaign, aiming at covering the running judicial expenses, has been successful mainly due to people’s very touching response and that is why the campaign was temporarily stopped. Currently, a significant amount of the raised money has already been used for the purposes of the preliminary examination. Taking into consideration the fact that this struggle has just started, an estimation of the long-term expenses needed for the completion of the judicial procedures during first and second instance has been prepared, including court expenses, lawyers’ salaries, the cooperation with specialists/experts in Greece and abroad and the interconnections with international organizations. Since today, therefore, the financial support through the fundraising campaign is again available in order to cover the aforementioned expenses and facilitate the process by the best possible way. We would like to remind you that this is the only fundraising campaign directly connected with the family of Zak Kostopoulos. When the judicial and institutional part of the struggle for uncovering the truth around Zak’s murder and the fair punishment of the perpetrators have been completed, a public report on expenses will be drafted and made publicly available to all in order to ensure an open and transparent process. In case the amount of collected money exceeds the expenses, the rest of the money will be allocated to a social cause which will be soon announced.

We would like once more to thank you for your solidarity, which gives us strength to continue our fight.

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