Updates on Support Huni Kuin indigenous Amazon film project

Update of Eskawata Kayawai Project
Update posted by LARA JACOSKi On Feb 22

We are very grateful for your support to help the production of the crowdfunding on he making of Eskawata Kayawai, documenting Huni Kuin culture and share about their existence worldwide, which is one of the few actions we can make for them and them for themselves, besides praying at this difficult moment.

A film is a way to share to the world that they exist and they matter, besides is a way to keep their wisdom for the next generations. As some of you know, the Huni Kuin live a hard time where they don't have many elders keepers of their knowledge as many were killed trying to defend their culture in a time not very far away (20 to 50 years), they were forbidden to practice their culture as to speak their language and perform their rituals. So this film is a necessity for the Huni Kuin people, to share they are alive, they matter, they have a beautiful culture, and to keep this recording to the next generations as they are afraid about their situation now in Brazil.

We are asking for your help to keep sharing our project so we can get more donations and be able to run this project and share their message worldwide.

As you might know, the indigenous situation was never easy but we were expecting to get that worse in one month of our new president. There are 305 indigenous tribes with their 274 native languages threatened right now in Brazil with what have been happening. The first measures of the new president was to finish with the environment and indigenous sector in the government, plus to give FUNAI, the indigenous foundation, in the hands of the ruralists, representing those who have always killed and expelled the indigenous from their homes (plus now the president approved the gun right). In one month we had 10 indigenous villages being invaded, shot and devastated, plus we had an immense catastrophe in Brumadinho with a dam collapse a mine (same situation, same company than the catastrophe Mariana in 2015, but catastrophe that people saw it happening before and tried to stop with no success) ruining more rivers and indigenous places, killing people which are still not found.

As you can see the situation for our nature and indigenous doesn't look good at all, it's very important to be registering all indigenous people as we are not sure about their future, and that was the call we had. As a production company we have a plan to keep developing new projects where we can film different tribes and develop projects where they need the most, we are supporting other indigenous events that need funds (have a look here), plus we are planning new projects on education, culture, development, to build water wells (as many of the villages are still collecting river water for all their activities) and so on, we are even creating an organization (on Instagram, @helptheamazon) to track indigenous projects needing for help and people/companies who are willing to help in anyway they can. If you feel you can be involved in any of these projects and help more, please do get in touch, we need your help.

All the best and sending many blessing to all of you and all indigenous and minorities who faces a hard time in planet Earth.
Lara and Patrick