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Neyna Updates - March 28
Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 28

A double update today! This morning, we heard from Kak Yati and Yusuf:

At the moment her health is improving much better and she has regain her voice. Tube has been removed from her neck and she is out from the ICU ward.


I also found myself with some free time after work so I dropped by to see if I could visit. I found Neyna out of ICU and in a private room, surrounded by family members. One of the sisters was feeding Neyna a messy chocolate donut with chocolate curls that escaped down the front of her hospital gown with every bite. TV was on, balloons were tied to the headboard, and celebratory ribbons stuck on the door and the walls. The hospital added the festive touches to celebrate her leaving ICU, she told me. She was sitting up in bed, her colour was good and she had so much to say after weeks of silence.

In-between bites of messy chocolate donut and people coming and going, Neyna said she heard of the various efforts to help raise funds and conveyed her thanks. She is still undergoing treatment; after the worst was over, she improved so rapidly that the doctors were amazed. She still needs to be on dialysis. She is learning as much as she could about what happened to her, adding that she has a damn big story to tell once she gets back on stage. Her sisters are restricting her phone access and her boss told her not to check her email for now.

While normal visiting hours are longer, Neyna asked that visits be limited to evening as most of her treatments happen in the day. She is under restricted access as her immune system is still recovering, so she might not be able to receive visitors all the time.

However, she knows we're thinking of her.

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