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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Feb 08

In 18 days the AIT team will be travelling to Athens to work in the 5th school squat and run 6 days of art workshops for an estimated 30-40 young child refugees.

We have started a amazon wish list to allow you to buy specific equipment, you can find that here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlis...

However we do buy a large portion of our art materials in Athens as luggage is very expensive and this is more cost effective.

What do we have planned this time!


Jewellery , portrait painting on canvas , still life with oil pastels, paints , paper, cleaning materials and fruit & drinks for the children each day.

Cost - £100 for 6 days of workshops.

BAG PRINTING Children will work with paints to design their own canvas drawstring rucksack. Child refugees can be on the move a lot, and having somewhere of their own to keep their belongings is really special.

Cost = £70 will buy 30-40 bags,paints and materials.

T SHIRT printing workshop : T shirt printing is a very popular and enjoyable workshop.Most of the child refugees we work with do not have many clothes, let alone a one off custom t shirt designed just by them. This time there will be a theme of ANIMALS or TYE DYE.

Cost = £150 will buy 30-40 t shirts , paint and stencil materials.

THE JUNGLE! The classroom will be turned into a jungle for the day, filled with animal sounds and inspirational art. Children will create animal masks for themselves and embody an animal. They will be invited to have a polaroid portrait taken within a “scene” and take home a photo of themselves.

Cost = £150 - 250 will buy decorations,craft material,polaroid film and potentially a story book for each child.

GARDENING - Children will be make cress heads and chart the growth of their plant throughout the week. Extra money will go towards plants to be decorate the entrance of the squat.

Cost £20 - for seeds and heads for 30-40 children. £50 - 100 for plans to decorate the squat entrance.


On our last day in October we held a children's party! We played games, drank juice (!), had a few sweets (!!) and invited parents to join in on the fun. It was a really nice way to bring an end to our trip.

Cost = £30 will cover party decorations, food , drink and small party bags.


Donations may also go towards:

-One off donations to families in need. (If this can not be sourced from other support networks in Athens we may do this ourselves, in the past this has included: baby slings/pregnancy vitamins/clothes/emergency medical costs etc.)

-Flight cost/Accommodation/Expenses for lead staff member. All volunteers and staff are self funded. In some cases if money is left over a lead staff member may receive some money towards their costs. (To date no one has been fully funded through donations, this always comes last.)

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