Update posted by Molly Daniel On Jun 05, 2017

Busy busy day and the last in our trip.

Interviews...project planning...collecting finished projects...

Watch this space!

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Jun 04, 2017

Today there were thunderstorms in Athens which cut short our breach trip with one of the families. Luckily for us they invited us too dry off at their home where we played cards, we're fed (impossible to avoid) and did some casual zining.

We then went to camp to visit some friend 's. One of the young girls and her mother already had a story they wanted told in the next zine, we discussed how we could show this and will be working on it more tomorrow. Our other friend had finished half her photography project and was eager to read us peoples answers to her questions.

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Jun 03, 2017

Today we caught up with some families from our last trip.

We brought some medicine and vitamins for a new mother alongside some Lush goodies to help ease the first few weeks of post natal care. We caught up over chai and practiced some english with the mother. The young girl was eager to start a new photography project and luckily I had brought some cameras with me. This time round she has to decide the questions she will ask people and manage the project by herself!

We then visited another family who previously had been living in a squat that was shutdown, they told us that unlike what the media has been showing they were forcibly evicted by a strong police presence. Nilufer gave an ad hoc guitar lesson with the young boy we had left the guitar with last March. We also did some writing for the zine and we were invited to break Iftar with the family.

Thank you for following our trip <3

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On May 26, 2017

AIT is briefly back in Athens next weekend and we need your help!

We are going to:
- Visit some families.
- Return children's photographs too them.
- Run a zine workshop (£50)

One of our friends there has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy. <3 We are currently raising money to take over some baby clothes, a sling and some vitamins for mum. If anyone has donations please let me know! It will cost £46 to take luggage with us so please donate if you can!

You can help by donating a small amount to our ongoing fundraiser

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