Update posted by Molly Daniel On Feb 24, 2018

We are leaving for our first trip of 2018 tomorrow!

£310 remains for us to run this trip to its full potential and run 6 days of workshops in the 5th school squat.

We have also sent out our first email newsletter, if you'd like to subsribe you can do so here :

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Feb 15, 2018

10 days to go!

Most of the time our feedback comes in the form of children and parents smiles.

However I wanted to share this message we received from one of the members of the 5th school :

"Thank you so much for offering these children your love and a chance to learn how to express themselves and their feelings in a blank canvas. Because there will be times again when people will try to make their hearts black again, but you will have given them a "weapon" to fight back. The opportunity to fight back using their feelings and thoughts in something creative. I always feel very inspired when I enter the office and I see the creation you made with the children. And I also feel moved in a very profound way. These red, yellow, blue, green marks on the wall is your own effort of getting them out of the black spectrum and shed light and colour into their lives, into our lives. And the feeling gets stronger every time I look at it. It doesn t fade, it becomes stronger. Because all you have done with the children becomes bigger and more influencial every day. You just needed to offer them a starting point. . . I really hope to see you again and come to Athens to welcome you back, not just as the art teachers of our children, but as a part of our really extended family. The children miss you terribly. But thank you, once again. You can t believe how strength you are still offering us. You touched everyone you met and you all left a piece of you everywhere making our days more bright and beautiful. You armoured us with a way that only art can do.."

Help us continue our journey :

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Feb 08, 2018

In 18 days the AIT team will be travelling to Athens to work in the 5th school squat and run 6 days of art workshops for an estimated 30-40 young child refugees.

We have started a amazon wish list to allow you to buy specific equipment, you can find that here:

However we do buy a large portion of our art materials in Athens as luggage is very expensive and this is more cost effective.

What do we have planned this time!


Jewellery , portrait painting on canvas , still life with oil pastels, paints , paper, cleaning materials and fruit & drinks for the children each day.

Cost - £100 for 6 days of workshops.

BAG PRINTING Children will work with paints to design their own canvas drawstring rucksack. Child refugees can be on the move a lot, and having somewhere of their own to keep their belongings is really special.

Cost = £70 will buy 30-40 bags,paints and materials.

T SHIRT printing workshop : T shirt printing is a very popular and enjoyable workshop.Most of the child refugees we work with do not have many clothes, let alone a one off custom t shirt designed just by them. This time there will be a theme of ANIMALS or TYE DYE.

Cost = £150 will buy 30-40 t shirts , paint and stencil materials.

THE JUNGLE! The classroom will be turned into a jungle for the day, filled with animal sounds and inspirational art. Children will create animal masks for themselves and embody an animal. They will be invited to have a polaroid portrait taken within a “scene” and take home a photo of themselves.

Cost = £150 - 250 will buy decorations,craft material,polaroid film and potentially a story book for each child.

GARDENING - Children will be make cress heads and chart the growth of their plant throughout the week. Extra money will go towards plants to be decorate the entrance of the squat.

Cost £20 - for seeds and heads for 30-40 children. £50 - 100 for plans to decorate the squat entrance.


On our last day in October we held a children's party! We played games, drank juice (!), had a few sweets (!!) and invited parents to join in on the fun. It was a really nice way to bring an end to our trip.

Cost = £30 will cover party decorations, food , drink and small party bags.


Donations may also go towards:

-One off donations to families in need. (If this can not be sourced from other support networks in Athens we may do this ourselves, in the past this has included: baby slings/pregnancy vitamins/clothes/emergency medical costs etc.)

-Flight cost/Accommodation/Expenses for lead staff member. All volunteers and staff are self funded. In some cases if money is left over a lead staff member may receive some money towards their costs. (To date no one has been fully funded through donations, this always comes last.)

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Dec 18, 2017

<3 THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our work in 2017 <3

We are aiming for a bigger and brighter 2018 , so please keep an eye on us to see what this brings!

We are all already busy planning our next trip back to the 5th school squat in Feb 2018, and have created a wish list for anyone who wants to help purchase art products. You can find this here:

Please continue to support and share our campaign THANK YOU!

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Sep 27, 2017

Having a great time in Athens working with children from the 5th school squat and Mosaico House.

THANK YOU, for all your donations so far. Any money we don't use will be saved for future trips <3

Keep up to date here :

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Sep 04, 2017

12 days to go

For our upcoming trip we have planned some really exciting workshops, however in order to run these successfully we need YOUR help. We currently need £400 in equipment!

We will happily take donations of equipment to take over however extra baggage costs money so PLEASE consider a small donation to help us with this. (We also think it is good to shop locally in Athens for this!)

We are looking for:

£50 for Green screen fabrics for an exciting workshop on fantasy and future.

£59.99 for 10 disposable cameras! Cameras are always popular and people love being given these. We give these out to friends we have met along the way and who we keep in contact with.

£50 white T shirts in assorted children's sizes.
£50 for fabric ink.
This is for an exiting workshop creating hand printed t shirts for children!

Other: Wire, beads, assorted paint, A3 water colour paper, A4 water colour paper, mini canvasses, sewing needles, assorted thread, felt tips, colouring pencils,teddy bear stuffing, dried lavender (or any herbs to go inside teddy bears). This normally costs us £100-200 pounds as we return to our supply store as and when needed.

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Aug 11, 2017

Printing workshops are always fun, messy and very successful.

We would love to develop this workshop into a T shirt printing session, we think it would be fantastic for children and young people to be able to create their own custom t shirt to take away and wear!

Can you help make this happen by donating £5?

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Jun 05, 2017

Busy busy day and the last in our trip.

Interviews...project planning...collecting finished projects...

Watch this space!

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Jun 04, 2017

Today there were thunderstorms in Athens which cut short our breach trip with one of the families. Luckily for us they invited us too dry off at their home where we played cards, we're fed (impossible to avoid) and did some casual zining.

We then went to camp to visit some friend 's. One of the young girls and her mother already had a story they wanted told in the next zine, we discussed how we could show this and will be working on it more tomorrow. Our other friend had finished half her photography project and was eager to read us peoples answers to her questions.

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Update posted by Molly Daniel On Jun 03, 2017

Today we caught up with some families from our last trip.

We brought some medicine and vitamins for a new mother alongside some Lush goodies to help ease the first few weeks of post natal care. We caught up over chai and practiced some english with the mother. The young girl was eager to start a new photography project and luckily I had brought some cameras with me. This time round she has to decide the questions she will ask people and manage the project by herself!

We then visited another family who previously had been living in a squat that was shutdown, they told us that unlike what the media has been showing they were forcibly evicted by a strong police presence. Nilufer gave an ad hoc guitar lesson with the young boy we had left the guitar with last March. We also did some writing for the zine and we were invited to break Iftar with the family.

Thank you for following our trip <3

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