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Update posted by Christopher Mercier On Jun 10

It is now June and many months have passed since Rose had her last radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It has been almost one year to the date since Rose was diagnosed with cancer and we have to say she has come along way from the first day she was diagnosed.

After her last PETscan in April her results showed the Tumors are still there but smaller in size. Cancer "might" be living because the scan catches the color green. The doctors cannot determine if the cancer is still dieing or in a waiting state to grow again. Good news is the tumors got smaller and decreased in size and the cancer is not spreading to other organs. We'll have to wait another 3 months before we can receive another PET scan. If they notice more color in the next scan or possible spreading, we definitely have to do more treatments. If so it could be another round of chemo and radiotherapy which would be stronger, more powerful and much more risky to Roses health than previous treatments. Upon her last follow up her doctor presented a new break through treatment with good news that it will not harm her as the chemotherapy and radiation would but instead possibly cure her 100%. Rose would have to qualify for this new therapy called Immunotherapy before her treatments start. We pray that we will not need anymore treatments and that Rose has beat the cancer once and for all.

We predict the next PETscan to be performed in the month of July. Rose has shown much improvement in her everyday physical activity. Along with keeping a positive mind, Rose has improved her diet with healthy nutritious foods and exercise.

Thank you,

Rose, Chris & Hayden

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