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Round #6
Update posted by Christopher Mercier On Sep 27

Today is Chemo #6 for Rose. It seems as if the treatments are arriving sooner and sooner, but they are the same, each is two weeks apart. At the start, eight treatments seemed to be never ending, but now, we can see the end. The treatments may feel like they are arriving quicker but they are not; we are just getting used to the biweekly visits.

Most patients would not receive the chemotherapy treatments biweekly. Instead, they receive them every three to four weeks. As I mentioned before, the doctors say that Rose is a rare one. Her blood counts are staying strong and her immune system keeps fighting. It is why she is able to speed up her treatments. Her doctor said he was not going to waste any time with this one. He said this, "We will go in like a boxer and fight, punch it like a boxer, beat it up fast so it can't fight back, so it won't have a chance." I have to say that it feels like I am watching a boxing match. Each round of chemo is like a round of boxing with the chemo fighting and the cancer taking punches back each round. After 8 rounds, we hope and pray for a knock out! You can do this Rose, you are stronger, smarter, and your stamina will defeat cancer.

As we reflect on our lives, where we have been and where we are now. Dealing with cancer is like an emotional roller coaster. Many questions race through our minds such as Why now? Why us? What if? and so on… which create frustrations because we do not have the answers. We put our trust in God. We believe it is God’s plan for the timing, the reasons, and the everything, just as it was God’s plan for Rose and I to meet in the middle of the ocean. Two souls from different continents met for the right reasons at the right time and at the right place to spend the rest of their lives together. It was meant to be; it was Gods plan.

We thank God that he blessed us with our son, our miracle baby. Throughout her pregnancy, as he grew, no one knew that Rose had cancer. Since the discovery of this cancer, we have been faced with limitations and deal with them day to day. We are blessed by our supporters and blessed with our biggest supporter- our son Hayden Joseph Mercier. No matter how emotional it gets or how frustrated we can be, we must keep believing. As mother said,"You will come out stronger and wiser; you will have empathy for all who endure this." As sister said, "Take some peace with that knowledge." Everything is a learning process in life. We strive to be open and keep learning as it brings new meanings to life. Our limits will be limitless and our dreams will become reality.

It is true Rose has great stamina and will not give up. As tough as the battle gets, she keeps punching and fighting. The crowd watches the fight- she never shows weakness, pain or sadness. Instead, she has the hunger in her eyes for life, the passion to live, and the goals to achieve greatness.

I cannot express how much your continued support means to us. God bless you all, God bless our family and God bless healing Rose.

Love Christopher, Rose & Hayden

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