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1st month
Update posted by Joyce Peñaloza On Apr 09

last 07 April 2016, it's the triplets 1st month birthday...but since the twins are still in NICU we just had a simple family dinner at home. We thought that everything is going well for both of them and were just waiting for the time that they can go home, but yesterday they found a blood streak on Scarletts poop. they did some tests yesterday- her blood tests are ok but with her X-ray they saw some softspot and they cannot determine yet if its just a poop or blood. she was put on IV again and have stopped the feeding. the test will be repeated again within the next 24-48 hours to see if everything is ok.

Please continue to keep Us in your prayers as well as continue to share this post. We still need help and any amount can actually go a long way for the twins

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