Updates on Menstrual cups for refugee women in Nigeria

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Update posted by Nadine Haumann On Mar 15

Dear friends and supporters,

we now also set up a Facebook page for our cause, so you can get updates and news more easily. Visit us there, share your thoughts, ask questions! And share it with your friends and family to help us grow and reach our goal together! We are so thankful for all your support!


I also support our project with my small business and set up a little charity sale on my Facebook page. I sell handmade things like hair accessories, bags and some jewelry. Everything is "name your own price"! I can offer international shipping options, just ask me for details if you live outside Europe. So far most info and descriptions are in german, but you can ask me anything in english, too! I'm looking forward to meet you there. Shop for the good cause! :)

Just go to Fotos -> Albums -> Charity-Sale




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