Updates on Menstrual cups for refugee women in Nigeria

A few words from Ifeanyi
Update posted by Nadine Haumann On Mar 07

We say we care, yet we ignore those who really need our help.

We spend thousands of naira on recharge cards, or a hundred dollar on a pretty shoe, yet we cannot spare a cent for a good cause that can turn a life around.

We talk about making the world a better place, yet we fold our hands and do nothing when we are called to actually make the world a better place.

We talk and talk about the suffering of people around the world, yet we fail to realize that a little act of compassion can ease the suffering of one life.
In our hearts we find justifications for ignoring posts like this, and at best giving it a “like”.
If a thousand likes could solve problems, then we would have run out of problems a long time ago, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

I am not writing this posts to get likes and encouraging comments, but I am writing this cos there is a need, which can only be solved by action.

On my first visit to Kochingoro IDP camp as part of a team, I was moved to tears to find children, women and families living in the most horrible conditions I have ever seen. Without electricity, water or health care. Hungry children staring at me with faces void of laughter nor cheery smiles. Every one of them I spoke to, gave me accounts of the horrors that befell them in their villages which made them flee to the camp. More than a few witnessed family members hacked down by boko haram terrorists. And now, where they seek help, help has become a mirage. On my second visit, we analysed their needs and challenges. Together with my Partner Nadine, who inspired the project to tackle female hygiene, we have decided to take the first step in solving the many problems these refugees face. We have decided to do something rather than stand by and hope.

I call out to everyone who believes that even in the slightest good deed, a life can be saved or made better. Instead of ignoring, a single act of kindness can change the world.

Be a part of this project and make the life of someone a lot better than it is.

God bless you all


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