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Update posted by Andy Osborne On Aug 23


This will be my last update for our LEJOG adventure. This is my ?statistical summary? ? in your mind please read it out in a dramatic movie-reading-things-out-man voice.

Over the last two weeks, Dad and I have cycled 980+ miles over a fourteen day period, cycling for just over 73 hours in total. Our average time cycling was 5 hours and 11 minutes a day and the average ride was 70 miles long. This resulted in an average speed of 13.4 mph. Notably, we averaged only 12.5 mph in the first week but 14.3 mph during the second week, partly the impact of the tough Cornwall/Devon start but also from our fitness levels increasing over the fortnight ? and some of our best pace was over the longest days! Our best average speed for a day was 15.1 mph, on Day 12 ? Glencoe to Inverness. This was also our joint longest day, together with the last day, from the Crask Inn to John O?Groats, at 83 miles.

The highest speed we reached was 42.5 mph on the Keswick to Moffat leg (Day 9).

From Dad?s body weight, our computer calculated that we burnt an average of 4,199 calories a day from cycling, almost twice the average daily calories in less than a quarter of that time. The most calories we burnt in a day were 4,991, on day 2. In total, we burnt 58,797 calories.

In total, we climbed a total of 17,456 meters, averaging 1247 meters each day. The most climbing in one day was 2318 meters, again on the second day.

Over the fortnight, we have passed through 3 countries and 20 counties ? 9 each from England and Scotland, 2 from Wales. We have acquired 0 punctures, 0 buckled wheels but 2 sets of very silly tan lines and very ouchy legs.

Note: you can stop reading in a deep voice now.

I?ll just wrap it all up now ? a few extra thanks - to Claire and Vince, Laura and Bob and Hop-along Linda Osborne and (not quite as Hop-along) John for putting the girls up while they were running after us and in the week after.

The fantastic fact that we?ve surpassed our target also means that Mum and Dad will be making a fantastic donation of over 400 to the great mental health charity Young Minds ? thanks again for all your donations! And thanks to all our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009764076191) followers, likers, commenters and well wishers.

Now, I?ve said this will be my last update, and it will be on this site, but I will probably make a sort of blog leading up to and during the Ecuador expedition next year, but until then, goodbye!!!


An absolutely fantastic achievement. You make me quite jealous with what you have done over these two weeks.

Ian Bertram

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