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Update posted by Brenda Gordon On Sep 03

These puppies are real fighters! They have struggled with ringworm, heartworm, tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, pneumonia, body lice, fleas, ticks, earmites, malnutrition, giardia and coccidia. On top of all that, one puppy got his leg broken from his brother sitting on him.

We are happy to report that the ringworm, heartworm, tapeworms, hookworms, round and whipworms, the lice, fleas, ticks and mites, the pneumonia, malnutrition, giardia and coccidia have all been treated and cured! The broken leg is still bandaged, and "Dusty" still has a cast for a few more weeks, though he is on the mend.

We are even more excited to announce that the adoptions have begun! Of the nine survivors, 6 of the puppies have been chosen for adoption by amazing, caring families! We have only three left, "Dusty" with the broken leg needs more time and medical care, and his two sisters who took longer to gain the proper weight and needed more time.

We are looking forward to this Friday to find out if Dusty leg is healing properly. X-rays will show us the healing. We are so glad that the vet says he's healthy enough to be neutered, so that happen when he is sedated for his x-rays.

And most exciting of all, his sisters will be ready for adoption!

Because of the unexpected number of parasites and a broken leg, our expenses have been higher than expected. Please consider donating to help us pay these medical bills so that we will have no debt to the Vet, and so that we will be able to take more pets from the shelter and save more lives.

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