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Enough isn't always Enough
Update posted by Brenda Gordon On Jul 30

With heavy hearts and many tears we have sad news. The little girl with the worst case of pneumonia was rushed to the vet. She spent several days at the vets office receiving 24 hour care, but still it was just too much for her tiny starved body. She past away in the late morning on the second day. Loosing a pup is not something we are used to, we save so many and loose so few. We at Pack N Pounce were stunned by the news and our hearts are broken. But we are taking solace in that she will never be hurt, abandoned or scared again.

Her siblings are doing great. They responded to the antibiotics and the ringworm medication. They have recovered from the ringworm and pneumonia! We are slowly deworming them as to not stress their bodies too much. Dr Ellis, the most wonderful vet, has given us instruction on how to make sure that they become parasite free while recovering from starvation, pneumonia, and ringworm!

Soon they will be healthy, strong and parasite free! They will be headed back to the vet for the next stage in their care. Spay and Neutering!

We are still in need of bedding, food and medication, as well as the funds to spay and neuter these darlings. Every little bit helps!

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