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Festus starting new academic year
Update posted by Rob Cutler On Sep 19

We congratulate Festus on passing all his year exams.  He has just completed his two month work experience at a clinic in Chingola on the Copperbelt.  When he was in Chingola he stayed with his extended family.  Melanie Bousfield kindly supplied him with a dongle for his lap top and Nicky Cuturi met up with Festus to hand over transport money.  Festus was most grateful for their kindness. He is now back in Lusaka ready to start his third year at UNZA (second year medicine).  He is sharing accommodation with a young man who is studying to become a Bachelor of Nursing. Festus keeps in regular contact with Dr and Mrs Pandey, who are very helpful to him in Lusaka.  He emailed me on Sept 9 and said: 'Thank you for all the help you have been giving me and my appreciation cannot be complete without thanking Mrs Pandey, Mr Cutler and all the sponsors.  May I simply say, may the good Lord bless you in a big way.' The Festus Fund needs £3000 per year to keep Festus at university.  All donations are gratefully received, however small.

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