Adagio…A Forever Home

Update posted by elanobrien On May 11, 2013

When I first heard of Adagio, the thing that jumped our at me was his name.  I always knew that Adagio meant "slow musical movement" and was Mozart related.  However I just found this song which so describes the journey we are on together.  It will break your heart.  Please listen and enjoy...and feel both our hearts.

Song performed by Lara Fabian...this link is for the English, not Italian version.

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Update posted by elanobrien On May 09, 2013

The last couple of weeks have been full, but the major change for Adagio, has been a result of a change in myself....but of coarse.  I have taken all requirements or expectations for him off the table, and am working with him only from the ground....trying to help him gain confidence, and remember his own inherent nature.  I am trying to help him remember that no matter what his plight in the past, he is whole and perfect.  I believe progress has been made.  I am spending lots of time asking him to follow on a long line, not because he has to, but because it is his choice.In the meantime I am trying to be consistent with routines such as feeding and communication, and being patient with what may be a healing crisis.  His feet have gotten better with the 3rd trip from the farrier, and his teeth have been done.  He is still very very attached to my mare, but I have even given her a break from riding, so he can better realize his new surroundings.  Phew...long journey but so worth it to see a bit of calm in his eye.

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Update posted by elanobrien On Apr 24, 2013

The last couple of weeks have been bouncing between a few different realities.  There have been many moments where Adagio continued to be truly panicked.  Then there have been moments of quiet and still, bonding.  The steps are not progressive.....some days three steps forward, and the next, 5 steps back.  However, given what Adagio has walked, this is but a moment in time.  I am trying to be patient and lovingly unattached.  Unfortunately the equine dentist was delayed due to a family emergency.  I have learned that with inbalances in the teeth and jaw, the entire nervous system is impacted, and the sympathetic nervous system remains switched on.  Here's hoping the equine dentist makes the May 1 appointment, and that the work gives Adagio a further element of peace.

Adagio remains brave of heart, and continues to get stronger, with some levels of weight gain.  Still a long way to go, but he is eating well, and loving the spring grass

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Update posted by elanobrien On Apr 14, 2013

Since the last update, the biggest thing that has been happening for Adagio, has been a somewhat unbalanced bonding/attachment to my mare.  This can be understood by the fact that the people who trained him to Grand Prix level and owned him for 9 years simply disappeared out of his life.  The man (who was with the Spanish Riding School) I am told, died.  His wife who also was Adagio's owner, simply could not cope and abandoned Adagio, and the two other horses for a year in the barn.  His lifeline was the two other horses, neither who seemed to fare quite as badly as he, and both who got placed in homes before him.  After being let down by humanity, he lost both he equine companions.  Thus when he arrived at my property, my mare became his an obsessive much so that he was in flight or fight mode if he couldn't see her...even if she was just around the corner.  A couple of nights ago a huge storm came through.  As I am inclined to do, I was talking to both horses telepathically and telling them it would be ok, and that any tornado threat had passed.  The next day Adagio kept staring at me, and allowed a different level of bonding then before.  As I shared with him, "I think you may have made it through the storm big guy."  I had one of those bursts of emotion that were both tears and laughter at the same time.  I'd like to think I felt his heart release and soften at a new level.  We will keep on keeping on....but there is more hope.

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Update posted by elanobrien On Apr 08, 2013

Adagio ate grain today....first time in a week...outside of a few bites here and there.  Yes ...he was surviving on grass....and alot of Alfalfa hay.

He was more relaxed, and not in "total" fight or flight mode when I saw him this morning. 

This is such a good thing  !!!!

Progress for him....patience for me.

Vibrational essences aromatherapy, time, and my Master Mare...Altarina are helping.

Keep him in your prayers please.

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Update posted by elanobrien On Apr 04, 2013

I have run into a couple of problems that I am very much hoping can be overcome.   I was told, and knew, his feet were bad, which I were prepared for.   I had spoken to the farrier I had paid in Ohio, before he was shipped to me in Alabama, and he indicated that he felt as long as things were taken slowly, with trims every 4 weeks, Adagio should regain a level of soundness.  My local farrier is feeling we were misled and unfortunately he is  not up for even touching his feet without a full round of x rays.  Gulp.  That expense we weren’t prepared for.

The other issue I have before me, is one of “separation anxiety”.  My farm is small, 6 acres in total, and Adagio shares it with my beloved Andalusian mare named Altarina.  Altarina is a Master mare, 12 years old, and has been with me about 3.5 years.  I originally met her in a dream, and then I found her in her physical form out in Portolla Valley, California.  She has been used for riding, equine facilitated learning, and also teaching animal comunication.  She is what I would call, “a Master Horse”, or as some of my clients have called her, “a medicine horse.”  Adagio has latched onto her as if his very life depends on it.  He currently is going into total panic mode if she merely walks around the corner, out of his site.  We are talking 15-20 feet away.  He is not eating his grain, (I’ve tried 3 different kinds, including what he was last on) and only tends to eat only alfalfa which he tosses as he paces back and forth.  In some ways this has made him quite dangerous, not out of maliciousness, but rather that he is so stressed he is oblivious of what he is doing.  I am continuing to work with this, and am asking my mare Altarina for her help.  I am very much hoping that with the establishment of routines, Altarina going out for rides, and then returning, music as a distraction, and calm firm discipline, he will be able to gain some level of security.   I am also giving him a vibrational essences much like homeopathics to assist, and a lot of horse whispering to get him out of his fight of flight reaction mode.  He has been through a lot, and in the past his stable mates were his life line. 

The vet will be coming tomorrow and we will do blood work to insure there isn’t something physical going on, but so far the diagnosis is “separation anxiety.”  We are hoping that is will dwindle in a couple of weeks.

This is a tough one, as he is literally running himself into the ground.

Adagio’s one eye’d condition seems to be a non issue.  Outside of him looking a bit like a “ghost horse” he seems to not be disadvantaged by that.

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Update posted by elanobrien On Mar 31, 2013

We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals.  Remote from universal nature and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion.  We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves.  And therein we err, and greatly err.  For the animal shall not be measured by man.  In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained living by voices we shall never hear.  They are not brethren they are nbot underlings; they are other nations , caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.

Henry Beston, 1928

From: The Outermost House

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Update posted by elanobrien On Mar 29, 2013

He did it again.  I got it on iphone video today.  Adagio rolling, and whilst rolling, grabbing mouthfuls of grass.

If some saint would contact me via email to help a non techno post this...I'd be so happy for everyone to see this.

[email protected]

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Update posted by elanobrien On Mar 28, 2013

Day two - I have come to understand, that in addition to being abandoned in a stall for 1 year Adagio probably had not seen pasture since he was 3 or 4 years old.  It is often the way with horses "highly" trained, that they not be allowed any' turn out' or interaction with others.  Even though horses are herd animals, when humanity feels they have significant "value" to go to an advanced level, they are usually prevented from interacting with other horses or being part of a herd, for fear that a misplaced kick will end the human's investment in their career.  I will make no further comment other than to tell you the joy expressed by Adagio when this morning, he waited for his pasture mate, an Andalusian mare named Altarina, and then trotted out into an expansive field, layed down, and rolled, and best of all, grabbed a mouthful of grass, before he got to his feet.  The luxury of the earth awaited, and he was delighted.  He is learning....or should I say remembering, freedom.

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Update posted by elanobrien On Mar 27, 2013

At 3 in the morning last night, I drove an hour to meet the transport truck, bringing Adagio home from Ohio.  At a truck stop, in the middle of nowhere, under full moon, he unloaded, and reloaded into my 2 horse, like a perfect gentleman.

This morning was his first taste of pasture, in what seemed years.  He kept trotting, exploring, munching, looking, trotting. and even rolling.  It seemed like he just didn't know quite what to do first.  After an unusually cold night, the sun has come out, and he is remembering freedom.

Please contact me on my email for video's and pics.  [email protected]

We are still asking for any help you can manage to fund transport costs, vitamin supplements, and high quality food, and farrier care.   In humble gratitude

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this is for my friend BMW's birthday


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When we moved here and brought our two rescue ponies with us--well one is an American Warmblood but we call her a pony anyway--we had to name our little piece of country, and it's got a few meanings mixed up in there for us. Part song title, part fact that our property is diamond shaped. Part that we're all all a little crazy ;-) Bottom line is, anybody who has ever loved and rescued any animal, especially one so demanding in rehab as a horse, is a beautiful soul in our book. Best of luck to you and Adagio. Should you feel like sending a small lock of hair, I know several Native dancers who would love it and the story that comes with it. We donate our pony locks to the dancers. :)

The Crazy Diamond Ranch

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Go Adagio!

Lezlee Monroe

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Dean Segal

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I hope Adagio lives a long happy life in a new home.


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... I remember once upon a time where I was a lost little horse, myself, frightened and weary, running lost in the wind looking for a place to call home. There is no greater feeling than to never feel afraid again of not knowing what emptiness & instability tomorrow holds. May Adagio be an inspiration to all

Nico and Mommy

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Thank you!


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Lindsey McCormick

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what a wonderful person you are, to take on the responsiblity of this deserving animal

belle stafford

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Hi, I'm 10 years old and i love horses. I hope this poor horse will be ok. thankyou for helping him!

Dillan R.

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