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Hello and thank you for checking out our online fundraiser. Last year Sandy took a toll on our home flooding the basement and first floor causing massive amounts of damage.  We are in the process of having our home raised and a new water resistant foundation installed.  We need your help and support to finish our project.  Please help by donating what you can and if you are unable to donate please share this page with friends and family on your social media sites.  We thank you for your support.   Our insurance company will only cover $16,000 of the $95,000 total estimate to raise the house and rebuild the foundation.  We did apply for two grants ReNewJersey.org but were denied because we live in Gloucester County and not one of the 9 most affected counties.  We are in need of your support and thank you again for helping us in our time of need.  Please share this on your Facebook, Twitter, etc...

Just received this email: Dear Mr. Monaco:

Per our conversation of this morning, I contacted the  Adjuster for Selective who is handling this claim regarding your coverage inquiry for rental expenses reimbursement.  Unfortunately, any “Additional Living Expenses incurred while the Insured building is being repaired” is excluded under the Flood policy through which your claim was filed.    The Adjuster has forwarded, in the e-mail below, the section of the policy that discusses “Exclusions”. 

I am very sorry that we cannot be of further help regarding this matter. 

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