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My friend Phyllis Guerra is 57 years old. She is married to Sergio, the love of her life. In the last 15 years, Phyllis has endured an M.S. diagnosis (and numerous bouts with severe symptoms that left her unable to walk, talk, or take care of herself), three heart procedures (including a pacemaker), and two rounds of cancer (half of her left lung has been removed). Now she is facing her third cancer fight -- another large tumor has invaded what is left of her lung, and is sitting over her ailing heart, and a second one is blocking the bronchial tube. A surgery is scheduled for this week, and six months of chemotherapy and radiation will follow.

Phyllis is a fighter -- she has been her whole life. But she is tired, and she needs support. A photographer friend of mine has offered to do a photography session for Phyllis, to take some glamorous, sexy photos of her that will make her feel beautiful again, and motivate her for this upcoming  battle. It will also be a surprise for her husband Sergio, who has stood by her every step of the way. I want to celebrate both of them, and what their love for each other has endured.

Give what you can. Even a little will help a lot. Celebrate this lovely woman with me, and celebrate her incredible will to fight for every single day.

UPDATE 10/25/12: Phyllis had a laproscopic surgery yesterday to remove a lot of the bronchial tumor with a laser. It was successful, and Phyllis is doing amazingly well. The other tumor over her heart cannot be removed because of its proximity to her heart, but they are hoping to combat that with the treatments. So far, so good!!

UPDATE 10/27/12: Phyllis is doing well after getting her port yesterday -- she even wanted me to bring her Starbucks in the afternoon, and we had a great visit, full of teasing for the nurses. :) Next week they will be doing a bone scan and a brain scan to make sure that the cancer has not spread to any other places before they begin her chemotherapy. if you didn't know better, you wouldn't even think she was sick. She still doesn't know that this little fundraiser exists...SHHHHHH. :)

UPDATE 10/30/12: The photo session is ON, folks! We go this Saturday, and my photographer friends are even having a hairdresser there to do Phyllis' "do" before the shoot. She is so so excited, and Sergio still doesn't know a thing about it.

UPDATE 11/3/12: Phyllis visited her oncologist today, and he administered her first chemo treatment. Phyllis was afraid she was going to feel too sick to make the photo shoot, but she came through well, and is so excited for tomorrow!

UPDATE 11/4/12: The visit to the photographer started out with hair and make-up (a great guy did her hair, and also gave her some stunning eyelashes to enhance her eyes), and we hung out with Amy and Dianne, our fantastic photographers from Ooh La Boudoir Photography. With multiple outfits and accessories to try, and a lot of great backdrops, Phyllis was energized for the shoot, and was a natural for the camera. Amy and Dianne got a lot of great shots. And the best news? They DONATED the entire session!

Because you have all made such a difference for Phyllis, and because our photographers have been so generous, I would like to give Phyllis a small portion of the funds raised to purchase some prints for herself and Sergio, and then allow them to use the rest for medical expenses.

Thanks to ALL of you for supporting this effort, and for giving Phyllis the gift of beauty and confidence to tackle her ongoing treatments. I am keeping the fund open for the full 30+ days to see where we can go toward medical expenses.

Love and compassion is alive and well in this world. :) You are proof!!!

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