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We're sitting in the living room of our townhouse literally tearing up about the lady who found her dog while doing an interview in Moore, Oklahoma. Lightly we threw out the idea, "Man I really want to go help. " and then we heard a "me too" and we had that best friend we can do this "But for real" moment. We decided that with the very little means we have we are going to do what we can to help. We don't own businesses and we didn't win the lottery... (Dang you Zephyrhills man!)…but we do have hands... and like my mom has all too often said "You ain't got polio, go do it yourself." Ha! Thanks mom. We looked at each other with guilty grins and said let's go! Soon enough Caity shows up as the brains of the group and says... No one will donate money to a bunch of random girls. So we need to become official Red Cross volunteers. Tay can't take off until two weeks from now... which is about the time they open the area for volunteers. Nat can’t come physically but is more than with us in spirit and motivation. Heather is beyond awesome for covering Nickie's shifts. Me? I'm living life on the edge and haven't gotten that far yet! Hopefully Tom won't fire me when I come with yet another crazy reason I need my shift covered. We roughly calculated a little over $700 in gas round trip, called uhaul to see about getting a trailer donated, which if our application for the Red Cross goes through should be easy! Now, we are blessed to be able to watch this on the news and not look at our own homes in shambles. The four of us, and most of you can't even begin to imagine the heartache these families must be facing. And who knows, one day it could be us, and we are going to need a clean shirt or even just a shoulder to cry on... We get so caught up in our every day lives that we sometimes forget how great it is to live where we do. These are our brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends, and they need our help. Here in the US of A, these colors don’t run, here we come Moore, OK. We aren't asking for large donations, just something to help defer the cost of gas and tangible goods to put a smile on these people's faces. Like we said we are renting/getting a uhaul donated, so at Beef o Brady's in Northdale and Subshak on Gunn highway, our parents houses, or our townhouse... we are taking water, food, clothes, diapers, dog food, powder formula, feminine products, hygiene products, ADVICE, or anything your giving little heart desires! We will be taking pictures so you will see where your hard earned dollars are put to use! We are also accepting prayers... Four girls who have expertise in changing tires and fixing engines (NOT), are going to need it! We plan on leaving Wednesday June 5th and coming home Sunday the 9th. Help us help them!!!! Thank you so much! Brittany Coffman Nickie Vance Taylor Gendason Natalie Nelson

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