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Please Note: Any and all Donations at the moment are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. We are hoping to finalize that as an option THIS YEAR!

Phase 3: The family will need to purchase a new vehicle this year to help transport the new wheelchair. These modified vehicles can range from $35K - $55K. Anything left over from the below (grayed out) phases will go towards this effort. If you or someone you know has any information on organizations that help with this kind of effort, please send us an email. The family will need major financial help in this area as the vehicle needed is far outside what their monthly payments need to be.

Phase 1:

Kai is currently awaiting insurance approval for funding of a Permobil K450 (google it, it's pretty cool!) powered wheelchair. Although insurance, once approved, will pay for the majority of it (80%), Super Kai's family will be responsibe for the remaining 20%, which could be upwards of $4000 (the wheelchair is roughly $20,000). Kai is about to start the process of getting ready for the PPCD (Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities) program here in Round Rock and in order for him to start, because he is not YET mobile on his own, he will need "transportation" - so we are hoping to raise this initial $4000 before February 15th.

Phase 2: 
Any and all money that is raised beyond the $4000 (we are believing BIG!) will go towards any bills that aren't covered 100% until they reach their out of pocket...which can be upwards of $8000 or more a year depending on IN and OUT of network visits (which he sees LOTS of both!) as well as possibly having to pay for therapies out of pocket once they reach their max visits for the year (until they gain a source of supplemental insurance which could take years based on the waiting lists). The family is in hopes to complete the 501c3 process for the foundation as well as get a headstart on finacial assistance for the years to come!

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