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About This Campaign

Helping us is helping many other people! Free the land! Fix these communities!

This was a PHA owned scattered-sites property that had been left abandoned on a block filled with boarded abandoned houses by the city of Philadelphia for the past 20 years. This property was turned into a home that has been shared with many different people over the past 8 years. Over that time many improvements have been made by the occupants to  not only this property but the properties surrounding it as they were in varying states of disrepair. The neighbors on this block have become family and have signed petitions requesting our ownership of the property! It went to auction and we won! Now we have 60 days to pay up! We had an indiegogo but something happened with their terms and conditions and everyones money was refunded.  We need enough money to pay off the property and some to help fix it up. We won and put $2,500, now we need the rest which totals about $8,000. By helping you will be continueing the tradition of community and travel, as most of the people who have stayed here over the years travel all around the country and world. You will also be keeping this neighborhood coming in the right direction, as our presence here has decreased crime activity on the block.  LINKS FOR OUR NEWS ARTICLES AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT.

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  1. Donated $25.00 or more

    you get a pop a squat patch

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  2. Donated $50.00 or more

    you get a pop a squat shirt

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  3. Donated $100.00 or more

    A night at pop a squat

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  4. Donated $1,000.00 or more

    week long stay, tshirt and a patch

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  5. Donated $3,000.00 or more

    Original Jules Muck 4ft x 6 ft oil on canvas painting. can be seen here-> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=493581447385067&set=a.491332554276623.1073741833.474966485913230&type=1&theater

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