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Graduating with debt from college is a death sentence for many students, I am no exception. My name is Alex Benda, and I am graduating with more than $30,000 in student loan debt.

As a young professional, I aspire to be an entrepreneur. I love “thinking outside of the box” to solve everyday problems. It is this approach that gave me the idea to sell 1x1 inch squares on top of my graduation cap to pay for my student loans. While walking across stage to accept my hard earned diploma, I will have the attention of thousands of spectators.

So, here it is! You can advertise on it, give a shout out, display your favorite quote, or a silly image of your cat! Regardless, you will be helping a graduating college student start his life without student debt. I have had a blessed life. I am the son of a military father and the youngest of six children. Naturally, all my brothers and sisters joined the military to start their lives, and while I love my family dearly, that was never my dream. I wanted to go to college to get a quality education.

At my time at the university I help to build a house for a veteran and her family, I started a community garden to help feed local families, I was able to become Editor-In-Chief of my college newspaper, and I maintained above a 3.5GPA. I studied Business with a focus on Management and Finance with a double major in International Business and Entrepreneurship. I have been on the dean's list every semester that I have attended college. My goal is to pay off my student debt so I may be able to concentrate on making a difference in the world.

If you could, please help me in one of three different ways. Purchase an ad on my cap or even just sponsor my campaign. Please share my link with everyone on your FB and other social media outlets. Also, if you know anybody looking to hire a motivated, creative, and driven business student, please send me in their direction- to ensure I can pursue my own efforts to pay off my loans.

I have gained so much from my education that I hope to help others with their goal of going to college, but right now I appreciate any help. I graduate May 4th so time is of the essence!

Thank you for even considering helping me.

Alex Benda


Also if you would like to help via

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    Feeling awesome about yourself and a high five if we ever meet.

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    A hand written thank you letter.

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    A hand written letter plus a badly drawn sketch of your choice

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    All below rewards and a special thank you on my youtube channel

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  5. Donated $100.00 or more

    All the before rewards, and I will also call you and have a minimum 5 minute conversation on any topic.

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  6. Donated $300.00 or more

    A 1x1 inch square on my graduation cap to put anything you want. (Nothing sexual, offensive, or crude) Also you will get a copy of what will be placed on my cap thanks to Tasseltoppers.com. You will also be receiving a certificate of thanks! Plus any of the other rewards below.

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