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Hello my name is Garrett Wiley and I'm 23yrs old. 5 years ago I was All-State in football and was chosen to play college ball in west Texas as a starting offensive lineman. Unfortunately, I was involved in a car accident that flipped my truck 3 times end-over-end then 3 times side-over-sideĀ  breaking my nose, cheek, jaw, ribs, my spine, and collapsed both lungs. The doctors were able to save my life twice, but the accident left me paralyzed from the lower chest down. In February 2010, my mother passed away from brain, lung, and lymph node cancer. March of this year, 2013, my grandmother passed away from lung cancer and COPD. These two women raised me and were the best two people I've ever had the pleasure of loving with all my heart and soul!

These past 5 years have been a tremendous emotional rollercoaster, but with the help of my friends, they encouraged me to stay positive and get back into college and being outdoors. I am grateful for my friends and their willingness to take me fishing, camping, and hunting when they can. I would like to have the ability to do these things on my own to take some of the burden off their shoulders and put some self-independence back in my life.

I was searching around on the internet when I came across a company, Trac-Fab http://tracfab.com/Home_Page.html, that specializes in making Off Road Tracked Power Wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are specifically designed to maneuver through sleet, snow, mud, sand, gravel etc. Obstacles that are nearly impossible with my standard wheelchair. I cannot describe in words my excitement to finally have a chance to gain some independence and enjoy some of the outdoor activities I love. The problem I'm faced with is the price. With medical bills, college tuition, and funeral costs, there is no way for me to even come close. I would be very grateful for any amount of donations to help me reach my goal of utilizing this wonderful machine and enjoying the outdoors once again. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to upload pictures of me in a Trac-Fab wheelchair!

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