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About This Campaign

Nicky's life long dream was always to take her children to Disney World.

This dream became a mission when 4 months ago she was told she had cancer, her mission was a simple one:

"Beat the cancer, take the children to Disney"

If only it was so simple, as last week Nicky was told by her consultant that she had 18 - 24 months left to live and so ending her dream of taking the children away.

This is why I am writing to you today regarding my close friend Nicky Lewis who, 4 months ago at the age of 36, was told she had cancer. She had a large section of bowel removed and started chemotherapy in the hope of curing the disease.

For someone so young to get cancer seemed at the time unfair, unfair to her, her husband and her two children Cody who is 11 and Fai who is 5. The plan was simple, get well, beat the cancer, then Nicky wanted to do what she always said she would and take her children to Disney Land. This plan and the lives of the family and her friends was smashed to pieces when we were told just over a week ago that Nicky's cancer was incurable and that she has a maximum of 18 - 24 months to live.

As her friends, we feel powerless. I guess because we are. Desperate to try to help, we thought we would try to make Nicky's last wish come true: to raise the funds to send her and her family to Disney Land Paris. 


If you able to give any amount big or small it would really help towards reaching the target of £5000, the amount needed to send Nicky's Family on her last wish.


As a father of 3 myself I feel and am powerless to help Nicky and her family with the cancer. Why, well simply because there is nothing that can be done. That said what I can and will do, is to do anything within my power to raise the funds to send them to Disney Land.  

I along with other friends are organising fundraisers to try and make Nicky's last wish happen, to give Nicky, Jon and their two girls Fai and Cody a last memory.

If you can help then thank you, if you are unable then I still thank you for taking the time to read this and for taking the time to visit GoGetFunding.


With thanks,


Daniel Steer

Father of 3 beautiful children and close friend of Nicky & Jon.

donated of £343.00 goal

31% Funded

Funding Expired

  1. Updated posted by nickywish On Dec 15, 2012

    A bit merry...

    A bit merry so please excues the shortness of the update and any spelling mistakes....

    Final fundraiser was this evening, raised loads but still left us £343 short of the target to send Nicky and her family on thier last holiday.

    I would like to thank all those who have donated prizes, bought reaffle tickets, attended a findraiser, donated prizes or even just watched this fundraiser. You have all helped in one way of the other and without donations we wouldnt have raised the amount we did. Short of the target, yes, but given the time limit we had to do what we did a MASSIVE achievement and one we should all be proud of... going to bed and again thank you.




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  2. Updated posted by nickywish On Dec 13, 2012

    Running on empty

    Having sat down and worked out how much the raffle tickets have made (as the date for selling has now passed), and trying to predict how much the fundraiser on Saturday will make I put us to be about £600 - £800 off what we need to hit the target.

    Tottally gutted, was so sure for so long we would hit it, I know we still might but thats a big amount to try and make on top, I know on the plus side to have have raised £4000+ in such a short time should be see as an achievment but I cant help feeling like I have failed.

    Having one of thos moments me thinks where I need to get my head up and work out how its going to be sorted.



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  3. Updated posted by nickywish On Dec 10, 2012

    The morning after.. the morning after!

    So we held the darts fundraiser on Saturday night and raised just over £500, add that to the total of raffle tickets now sold the target amount need drops yet again to £1394.

    From a starting amount needed of £5000 this is a massive achievment and the final fundraiser next weekend will take a further chunk out of it although for the first time the thought of not reaching the target has entered my head. I could be wrong but £1400 in one night when the other two nights combined came to about £1300 has planted the seed in my head that we might not hit the target :-/

    I hope we do, we will do all we can, just might not be enough and I feel guilty even thinking those thoughts.. hmm... WE WILL DO IT WE WILL DO IT WE WIL DO IT.




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