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About This Campaign

What is the planned event?

We are hosting a meet and greet with 15 Mindcrackers for our fans at the Firkin & Kegler entertainment center in Orlando, FL on November 1st, 2013.


Do we need a ticket to Minecon for this event?

No, this is a separate party from Minecon; no Minecon ticket is necessary. If you are attending Minecon and would like to attend this as well, a separate ticket to this event will be needed.


Is there a cost to attend?

Yes. In the past our meet and greets at conventions have been free, and we wish we could do that here, but with the number of Mindcrackers that are going to be in one place together for the first time ever we needed a larger event space, which unfortunately meant we had to raise funds to pay for that location.


How will tickets be verified?

When you purchase your ticket your name and address will be asked by gogetfunding.com. In order to enter the event, this information must match the information on the ID you present at the door (DO NOT USE GAME ALIASES). If you are underage and do not have an ID, the parent or guardian that will be accompanying you will need to verify the information entered when the ticket was purchased for you. FOR MULTIPLE TICKETS YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE SEPARATE PURCHASES TO ENTER THE NAME FOR EACH TICKET.


What can we expect?

A load of fun! The Firkin & Kegler entertainment center has something for everyone. We will have the location all to ourselves from 8pm - 2am (close). The location is limited to just over 1,000 people with room still to move around. In those six hours all 15 of us hope to meet every person that is able to attend. Included in the price is all open bowling, shoe rental, DJ, Billiards, use of entire upstairs and pub.


Could you break down each reward?

$10 - Signed Postercard - THIS IS FOR PEOPLE THAT CANNOT ATTEND. If you are unable to make it to this party but would like to contribute $10 or more, you can get a postercard signed that night by all 15 Mindcrackers (it will be mailed to you soon after the event). These are limited to 1,000 total, so they will be rare. (Those attending will get a postercard and can have it signed there; that is included in the ticket price.)


$40 - Event Ticket - This ticket will allow you entry to the location from 8pm - 2am on November 1st. We will be using the name you provide at purchase to check IDs at the door and provide tickets to enter the location. Tickets will not be mailed prior to the event. This reward includes an unsigned postercard, catering while food lasts, open bowling and pool, use of the facilities as well as a night hanging out with the 15 Mindcrackers.


$150 - Dinner - This is limited to the first 30 that purchase it, and includes your event ticket and postercard. You will be allowed entry into the location one hour early and get hang out with the Mindcrackers and eat dinner with us before the event. Relax with us for an hour before the actual party starts, eat dinner, and hang out. Dinner is included in the price. Hours will be 7pm - 8pm at the bowling alley.


Will there be food?

We are going to do some finger foods provided by the location for the start of the night, but they will not last all night, so the finger foods will be while they last. The location will have an open menu all night.


Is this event family friendly?

Yes! Attendees that are minors will need to be accompanied by an adult however. Each person attending will need a ticket; we are limited by fire code so we cannot exceed our allocated tickets.


Will there be alcohol?

Yes. The location has a full bar. This will be a paid bar however, so budget accordingly.


Where is the money from ticket sales going ?

We have a very tight budget and our goal is to not go into the red or the green. We do not want to make a profit from this event, but we don’t want to lose a bunch of money either. All money contributed for this will go toward our Minecon event. This includes the location, transportation, decorations, paying our event planner, and some food catered at the start of the night.


How should we get to the location?

Part of the budget is for shuttles with Mears in Orlando. The bowling alley itself has parking for a little over 200 vehicles, but that may fill up quickly so we have tried to plan for this. For those that are only in Orlando for Minecon, we understand that you may not have a way to travel other than by cabs. The location is about 20 minutes away from the convention center, so the goal is to have rotating shuttles from the hotels around the convention center to the bowling alley and back. That said, some people may find cabs more to their liking for your schedule. We will do everything we can to make this as pleasant and easy for everyone attending. More shuttle information will be posted at a later time, we are still working out all the details with Mears.


What Mindcrackers can we expect to see?
















& MAYBE: PaulSoaresJR

Ideally this list will not change, but it is possible something might come up and someone may not be able to attend. We will also have a lot of our YouTuber friends joining us here!


What should we bring with us?

Mainly just come ready to have some fun and hang out. You can wear Minecraft related costumes if you would like, just keep in mind how long the event will last so be prepared for that when you are deciding what to wear in regards to a costume. Bring your camera, or camcorder and anything else you think you might need to enjoy the night such as personal bowling shoes/ball if you intend to bowl.  Shoes and balls will be provided as part of the ticket price so that isn’t necessary. We’ll be happy to take photos and sign things for you and will have pens of our own, but feel free to provide your own as well. If you have something of your own you would like for us to sign, be sure to bring it with you!


Where can we find out more about the location of the event?




The Firkin & Kegler Family Entertainment Center Address & Directions

12850 Waterford Lakes Pkwy

Orlando, FL 32828-7098


Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/CcZZs


Should I expect anything in the mail after my purchase?

If you did not purchase a postercard to be mailed to you, No. All ticket verification will be done at the door as explained above.


Still have questions?

Contact us at: mindcrackorlando@gmail.com

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