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Marissa Alexander faces 60 years in prison for defending her life from her abusive husband if she is not acquitted in her trial, scheduled for December 8, 2014.  All funds raised are for the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund to help win the trial and secure her freedom.

Marissa's supporters raised $22,029 in Nov-Dec 2013!  Then we raised $41,410 in Jan-Mar 2014!  Let's raise  another $40,000 by the date of her new trial, December 8, 2014!

Marissa Alexander is an African American mother of three and survivor of domestic violence from Jacksonville, FL.  In 2010, she fired a single warning shot upwards into a wall to defend herself from a life-threatening beating from her estranged husband. Despite the fact that Marissa caused no injuries and has no previous criminal record, and despite the fact that Florida’s self-defense law includes the right to “Stand Your Ground,” she was subsequently arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  In September 2013, Marissa Alexander won her appeal, her guilty verdict was overturned, and she secured the right to a new trial which is scheduled for Dec 8, 2014.  She is currently under house arrest, but Prosecutor Angela Corey announced that she's pursuing a tripled sentence of 60 years in prison if Marissa is found guilty in her upcoming trial.  

FULL ACQUITTAL: A Movement Behind The Trial

60 years for a woman defending her life from an attack by her abusive husband?  Not on our watch!  Free Marissa Now, an alliance of organizers and thousands of people all around the world, have been organizing for Marissa's freedom from prison and intend to keep going until she is free.  Because State Attorney Angela Corey refuses to drop the case against Marissa Alexander, continuing a pattern of unjust targeting and prosecution, our movement turns to supporting Marissa, her family, and her legal team in winning her freedom through a new trial.

This fundraiser is CRITICAL because:

1. Marissa's excellent legal team is working pro bono, which is wonderful.  However, Marissa faces over $250,000 in legal expenses, such as court fees, securing expert witnesses, travel costs, depositions, processing evidence, etc.  Marissa's supporters can mobilize to raise funds that will ensure that she has resources for the trial, increasing her chances of securing her freedom.

2. Our continued organizing will make sure that Marissa's name is not forgotten and that our commitment to her freedom remains active.  It also creates opportunities for us to continue to raise awareness about domestic violence and mass incarceration.  


We appreciate all individual donations!  We also encourage people to organize community fundraisers to connect with each other and bring more people into the movement.  We have seen beautiful fundraisers launched in communities all around the country, including in Jacksonville, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.  Let's keep going!  Organize community potlucks, local concerts, raffles, talent shows, and holiday events.  Fundraising is a huge part of movement building!


This fundraiser is directly accountable to Marissa Alexander and her family.  All proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund which is administered by Marissa's family on her behalf. You can find the link to this fundraiser on the family's website:http://justiceformarissa.blogspot.com/.

Contact us at freemarissanow@gmail.com if you have questions.


Marissa's supporters are the greatest!  Every step of the way, you have shown up and given deep support and love.  Your donation is just one more way that you give life to the movement to free Marissa and highlight the need to support all survivors who have been criminalized while trying to navigate the conditions of violence.  Thank you so much for your donation!


If you want to send a donation via check, please make the check out to:

Global Alliance, Inc.
For: The Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund

Mail to:

Global Alliance, Inc.
P.O. Box 290956
Columbia, SC 29229

But please e-mail a note to us at freemarissanow@gmail.com so we can include your donation in our fundraising total!

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  1. Dear Supporters of Marissa Alexander,

    Thank you for your ongoing, crucial support of Marissa Alexander’s freedom!  We have a few BIG updates:

    1. TRIAL UPDATE: Marissa’s trial has been postponed to begin on Dec 8th.  She also has a hearing on Aug 1st when a judge is expected to rule if she will get a new Stand Your Ground hearing.  The judge postponed the decision to give time to the recent changes


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