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Hi all, this is Jason. If I've taken your picture over the years or if you are simply a fan of my work, please read on. :-)
I was talking to a friend tonight who is pretty much in the same position as me, struggling to work as a full time photographer, but short of the proper equipment to get a full time gig, which you need a full frame camera at the very least,  amongst other necessary gear to make that leap.

In fact the camera i am using i had to krazy glue two pieces back on wednesday :(....yeah...it's that bad. I have had some friends help out with a great lens and top of the line flash..(Thank you so much) which has brought my work much farther than before. .but still i need a newCanon camera body more than anything to go full time pro. 
my friends always say, as well as Joe the guy who showed me this site.  “Hell if everyone who’s ever used one of your pics on Facebook, Livejournal, or Twitter chipped in a buck, you could put a down payment on the Hubble Telescope…” Now that’s obviously a wild exaggeration, but it did bring the conversation around to whether I should put up a crowd funding page to see if folks whom I’ve taken pictures for or who are fans of my work would be interested in donating a little to help me to take more (and better) photos in the future. He went for it and it's working out..so I'm gonna give it a try as well. So here it is. If you have the means, and would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated. I promise to continue to show you all how amazing you are through my eyes. If you can’t, don’t worry about it. Please continue to enjoy my work and always let me know what you think. Your feedback is incredibly valuable in its own right.
Love to you all,-Jason

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  1. Donate $100.00 or more

    High Quality Vector Portrait Illustration done specifically for you of whomever you want.

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  2. Donate $250.00 or more

    3 Hour photoshoot with 5 edited photos and a disc containing all images!

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