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I am a single mother with two children.  I work Full time.  These last two years have proved to be very difficult.  My older child was diagnoised with PANDAS OCD.  He has anxiety and OCD thoughts and he picks his fingers.  He has had a rough few years, missing school due to his mental helath, and seeing therapists, psychiatrists and Doctors.  He asks me why this happend to him, why God did this to him.  I tell him that we may not know why this happend, but there is a reason...Maybe you will help treat people with this, maybe you will become a spokesperson and raise awareness.  We do not yet know why, and may never know, but something good must come someday!  We are needing help paying for Doctors/specialists in PANDAS that are out of state.  These specialists do not take my health insurance, on top of out of pocket expenses there are traveling costs, such as gas and a cheap motel to stay, too!  I want to help my son, as he has suffered for 3 years now, and made very little progress.  I get very little support from his father.  And his father has disapeared from my son's life since he got PANDAS.  Everylittle bit helps!  He could use some angels to spread their wings and help him.  If you would like more information on PANDAS you can go to the international OCD Foundation, or http://pandasnetwork.org

Another stuggle is my other financial concerns:  My little one is healthy, but his father has brought much emotional and financial stress upon my small family.  I have an Order for protection due to emotional abuse and his threats.  He is involved in our child's life...but continously trys to bring us down and extend legal actions.  He lost his job a second time and I did not receive any child support that helped with daycare, so I had to skip mortgage payments to keep daycare, so I could keep my job.  Due to all of this, I got behind on my mortgage, as paying the attorney, daycare and medical bills have become a necessity.  I do not get any assistance from anywhere.  I have asked for help with the gas/electric bill, but am always told I make about $100 too much for them to help us get caught up. 

I am hoping this plea of mine for help to get me caught up on my mortgage and gas bill will help me provide for my family without having to continue to "Rob Peter to pay Paul".  Once I am caught up, all will be well.  I will be able to keep a roof over my childrens heads.  His father will not succeed in his threats of "by the time I'm done with you...you will loose everything"   Any amount will help us with the mortgage and even more importantly to help my son get to the specialists.  Thank you for concidering assisting us!  Very much appreciated.

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